Oman Musandam Tour

A Trip to Norway of Arabia

Other beautiful places are less traveled in Arabian lands than the desert landscapes. Filled with vegetation and ravines that carry freshwater down the mountains, the terrains of Oman are a stark contrast to the desert sands. Most of the beautiful valleys in Oman are not accessible by road. Khasab and Dibba are the two favorite destinations for those who like to spend a day roaming the natural landscapes. Both are located in Musandam Governorate of Oman and are accessible by road. Musandam is popularly dubbed the Norway of Arabia by enthusiasts.

Oasis Palm offers unique Musandam Tour packages to spice up your holidays. We provide the best services to make your trip exciting and memorable.

  • Musandam Dibba
    Premium Safari

    Duration: Full day

     Availability: Daily

     Timing: Pickup: 7:30 to 8 AM | Drop-off: 6 to 7:00 PM

     Location: Musandam Dibba

    Adult: AED 350 / PersonChild: AED 250 / Person
  • Musandam Khasab
    Premium Safari

    Duration: Approximately 13 Hour

     Availability: Daily

     Timing: Pickup: 6 AM | Drop-off: 7 to 7:30 PM

     Location: Musandam Khasab

    Adult: AED 350 / PersonChild: AED 250 / Person

Musandam Khasab Trip- Frozen In Time

Khasab is an exclave of Oman located ashore Arabian Gulf. It means one should pass through the UAE to travel by road. There are airports and seaports, though flights and ships are very infrequent. Khasab is the capital of the Musandam Governorate. This mountainous region offers some of the best landscapes in the world. A Dhow cruise through the breathtaking fjords skirted by enormous mountains is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Deep valleys of the Limestone Mountains of Khasab form long winding fjords trapping saltwater from the Arabian Gulf. The trip also provides Musandam Khasab with a natural harbor.

Khasab is genuinely a fantastic place. For a significant part of history, it remained isolated from the rest of the world. You will still feel like you have traveled back a few centuries when you visit Khasab. There was no road access to Khasab until a few decades ago. There are still many small fishing hamlets perched on the valleys of mountains, inhabiting only around a hundred people each. For the same reason, Khasab has the most pristine natural landscapes unaltered by men. The prehistoric rocks guarding the fjords contain the fossilized remains of ancient sea creatures.

A Dhow cruise through the famous fjords of Khasab takes you on a 7-hour drive through the crystal-like water. The traditional Omani Dhow is adorned with pillows and hand-made carpets for you to lay back and take in the view. Occasional farmlands spot the stretch of the dry mountains with green vegetation.

Dolphins swimming alongside the Dhows and sporadically leaping out of the water is a common sight in the fjords of Khasab. There is a Telegraph Island on the one end of the Khor. The ruins of the old telegraph station are still present here. This was the linking station for the telegraph line laid by the British in the nineteenth century connecting India and London through Iraq. Swimming and snorkeling are highly recommended on the beach near Telegraph Island. Musandam Dibba tour should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Musandam Dibba Trip- A Living Aquarium

Musandam is one of the best places in the region to spend your vacation, enjoying the scenic beauty of the mountains and swimming between marine wildlife and coral reefs. Surrounded by the white limestone mountains of Hajar Mountain that borders UAE and the sea on the other side, Dibba is a sparsely populated port city — a relatively small coastal town. It has fantastic coral reefs, which the government and abundant marine wildlife protection. The Emerald green water of the sea entices anyone who goes near it. Much like the magical waters of fairy tales. It is also brimming with beautiful sea creatures like those you would put in a fashionable aquarium. The Hafa beach near Musandam Dibba port is a habitat for giant sea turtles. In the evenings, you can see a bunch of them crawling out of seawater to the land.
When you travel from Dubai to Dibba, you pass through the lush green scenery of Ras Al Khaimah and Masafi Mountains. On the way, stop at Carpet Market and Masafi mountains. Then cross the Hajar Mountains between the UAE and Oman to reach Musandam. Now, cruise along the coastline onboard a traditional Omani Dhow from Dibba harbor. The Coasts are lined by massive steep white limestone mountains rising out of the water.

Take a deep dive into the clear aquamarine water. Swim, snorkel, and peek at wildlife and coral reefs in the water for hours. We will provide you with snorkels and a life jacket to safely explore the sea. You only have to bring your swimwear. Watch out for dolphins that often pop out of the water.

Fishing is a popular activity in the Dibba Sea. With its dense wildlife, there is a fair chance that you will get a good catch. You can try your luck, and there are hand-line fishing gears and baits for fishes onboard the Dhow for all of our guests. After a delicious buffet lunch, you can go to Hafa beach to lay down under the sun. Just don’t forget to bring your sunscreen.

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