Desert Safari Dubai – A Fun-filled Adventure Tour

Desert safari in Dubai is more than just an adventure. It's a deep dive into the rich culture of the region. It's a thrilling ride on desert dunes, a night of vibrant entertainment, and a BBQ dinner in an authentic Arabic-themed campsite. This unique blend of adventure and culture is a must-do activity for every tourist in Dubai. Oasis Palm Tourism, a leading Safari and Desert Campsite operator, offers a full Desert Safari Dubai experience that includes a safari drive with a master tour guide, a three-course BBQ dinner, Quad Biking, Camel Rides, and various entertainment performances, including the vibrant Khaleeji Dance, the mesmerizing Tanura Dance, and the graceful Belly Dance. The experience culminates with an exciting Fire Show that lights up the sky.

Discover Our Adventure Desert Safari Packages & Deals
Evening Safari

AED 250 AED 120/Per Person

For Friends & Family

In a 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah. Up to 6 guests in Land Cruiser.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai
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Private Evening Safari

AED 1500 AED 720/Per Car

Best For Couples

Exclusive In a 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah. No other guest will share.

Private Desert Safari
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Evening Safari + Quad Bike

AED 450 AED 220/Per Person

Extreme Desert Experience

By a 4×4 Land Cruiser from anywhere in Dubai & Sharjah, plus Quad Biking 30 Minutes Experience.

Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike
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Desert Safari Package Includes

  • Pick-up & Drop-Off to your location in Dubai & Sharjah in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Thrilling Dune Bashing
  • Camel Ride at our Bedouin campsite
  • Sandboarding
  • Sunset viewing
  • Henna Tattoo with our local artisans
  • Photo-Opp in traditional Arabic Kandura (Male) and Abaya (Female)
  • BBQ Buffet dinner for veg, non-veg, and Jain options
  • Hubbly Bubbly (Sheesha) smoking
  • Unlimited Arabic Coffee, Tea, and Soft Drinks
  • Traditional Khaleeji dance, Tanoura dance, Belly dance, and the show-stopper Fire show

Desert Safari Package Prices, Special Offers and Deals

At Oasis Palm, we understand the value of your time and money. That's why we offer a range of desert safari Dubai packages designed to suit every patron's time and budget. We provide great deals for group bookings, and our reservation officer is always ready to assist you with special seasonal offers and deals. As a multi-tour operator, we provide discounts on our other trio excursions if you purchase more than two excursions from us. Our commitment is to give you the best experience, not just in terms of our pricing but also in the quality of our services. We strive to ensure that every penny you spend with us is worth it.

The Safari Experience

Your Desert Safari Dubai experience starts with a pick-up from your location in Dubai or Sharjah in a typical sports SUV like Landcruiser. As your tour guide briefs you on the day's program, your vehicle races past landmarks, towers, curated roadside gardens, and glitzy hotels. Rest assured, our experienced drivers follow strict safety protocols during the thrilling dune bashing. Your first stop is in Lahbab, a rural area of Dubai, where you can shop for scarves, caps, and other souvenirs. The safari ride on the rolling dunes starts after the vehicle is prepared by deflating its air pressure in the tires. You have one more chance to step out and click more selfies against the desert of Dubai. The safari ride means driving on the dunes, across the dunes, down the steep gradients, as well as smashing the peaks. You would also experience the fun of sandboarding during the safari. As the sun starts past the dunes and the sky becomes red, your tour guide would exit the dunes and drive towards the Bedouin-style camp for a night of glitzy entertainment, heart-thumping musicals, and delicious BBQ food.

You would also experience the fun of sandboarding during the safari. As the sun starts past the dunes and the sky becomes red, your tour guide would exit the dunes and drive towards the Bedouin-style camp for a night of glitzy entertainment, heart-thumping musicals, and delicious BBQ food. The dune bashing of Desert Safari Dubai lasts for around 20 minutes. The drive from the dune to the campsite is around 40 minutes, good enough to catch your breath and check out the selfies taken. At the campsite, the courteous staff will guide you to your table and explain all the activities that will take place.

After a refreshing round of fresh juice or local coffee brew, "Kawa," a delectable array of snacks would be offered buffet style. There are also various salads, followed by a mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ. The main course would be a delightful mix of continental, Indian, and Arabic delicacies followed by a variety of sweet dishes and chocolate marshmallows. While savoring your favorite food, the camp arena comes alive with foot-tapping music, and Khaleeji dancers take over the center stage. This traditional dance is performed on all joyous occasions like marriages and birthdays at every local Arabic and Bedouin household. This is followed by the mesmerizing Egyptian Tanoura dance, where the dancers create a whirlwind of moves in an imaginary circle. Then comes the world-famous belly dancing, where graceful ladies captivate the arena with their fluid and energetic moves. The grand finale is the spectacular fire show, which culminates with a firework display on the top of the dune outside the campsite wall, and the arena lights up with an "Oasis Palm" sign. That is also the sign that your tour guide would come to you to drop you back home with memories, selfies, and remembrances.

Types of Desert Safari

Oasis Palm offers different types of Dubai Desert Safari. Its standard offering is the most popular Safari package that ticks all the activities. However, it also has two camps, and if one wants a more premium experience, then its Premium Campsite is the best option. It's a Morning Safari for super busy guests with limited time but a heart for thrills. In winter, it offers an Overnight Safari for a romantic night out in the quiet desert after the safari and dinner are over. For people of discerning taste, you may even choose a more discreet experience by opting for a non-sharing Exclusive Safari package at an additional price. Its website has all the deals and packages. So, choose your Desert Safari Dubai option well and leave the rest to its expert tour guides and back-end staff.

Morning Safari

A no-frill safari that fits best for guests with the entire planned out. It is a budget-friendly safari where you will experience the thrills of dune bashing in the mornings when the sun is not that hot and the desert is fresh with early morning dew. This package includes sandboarding, too. You will also experience local artifacts shopping when your tour guide stops the vehicle to prepare it for dune bashing. You will have fresh water and canned drinks to quench your thirst. You may also opt to experience an optional quad bike ride at its Bedouin-style campsite as well as camel rides.

Evening Safari

The evening package is the most popular and most sought-after. It includes pick-up from your location and driving to the Meeting place for a round of selfies against the unique red dunes of the desert. Dune bashing follows next. In between, your vehicle breathes while your tour guide takes out the sandboard for sandboarding down a rolling dune. It resembles coming down a cliff; however, the soft sand does not hurt, even if you topple it. The BBQ dinner at the Arabic-styled campsite is your next activity. A 4-course lavish dinner famous for its veg and non veg BBQ and a vast spread of veg and nonveg fare served to you in buffet style. The entertainment show of Dubai Desert Safari starts with a Khaleeji dance while you are having a relaxed dinner. The belly dance takes your breath away, performed by two ebullient dancers and accompanied by foot-tapping Arabic music. The Tanoura dance is also unique as it is performed by only men who don't stop even for a breather during the entire dance with their feet going round and round. A heart-stopping fire show brings down the curtain. Not for a faint heart, the fir show is performed by a highly skilled performer who breathes out the fire that lit up the Oasis Palm sign board. Guests love the entire program as it provides a full course of adventure, fun, entertainment, food, and heritage experience.

Overnight Safari

Imagine spending a night under the twinkling desert stars in the heart of the Arabian wilderness during the Overnight package. This unique adventure elevates your desert experience to a new level. An Overnight Safari lets you enjoy an Arabian night in the Dubai desert, where you'll stay in a tent at the campsite. Near your tent, a bonfire awaits, and we will serve you hot tea, coffee, and sheesha. Your tent is equipped with a comfortable mattress, pillows, and blankets. As you wake up to the gentle morning sun, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast before bidding farewell to the desert campsite. This one is not just an adventure; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of the desert, creating memories that will stay with you long after you leave the sandy landscapes behind.

Private Safari – Exclusive Basis

Oasis Palm Tourism presents the Private Safari-Exclusive Basis for those seeking luxury and exclusivity. This unique offering ensures your journey is fun-filled and completely private. The 4 x 4 vehicle, accommodating up to six people, is exclusively yours, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the safari in your own space.

VIP Seating and Service in Desert Campsite

Opting for our VIP seating at the standard campsite is a convenient way to entertain your exclusive guests. You'll have the closest seat to the main stage with a plush sofa and a private enclosure. Our attentive servers will bring dinner to your seat, ensuring you enjoy the premium and VIP experience without hassle.

Dune Bashing

The desert dunes are one of the wonders of nature. They say that no dune remains static ever. A dune changes its shape and height every moment. The safari drive on these dunes means sitting on an SUV vehicle like a Toyota Landcruiser with an expert and licensed driver who takes you for the drive of your life. He would take this vehicle across, against, and on the dune, sometimes driving at 900 against the dune. For dune bashing, the vehicle is specially prepared by deflating the tires so that they practically glide on them. The dune-bashing vehicles are modified to ensure the safety of passengers and the vehicle. The dune bashing also has a stopover, one of the highest dunes for sandboarding and selfies. The best time for the Dubai Desert safari is late afternoon, as you can see the desert until sunset. The entire dune bashing lasts for almost 30 to 40 minutes. As this activity has a lot of sudden movements, people have heart conditions, and pregnant women should take all the medical advice before embarking on it.

Sand Boarding

When you approach the highest peak of the desert dune on your safari ride, the vehicle stops, and you get to enjoy the dune's slope more by sandboarding it down its slope. As you launch down the slope, the wind rushes past you, and an exhilarating sensation takes over. It's like surfing but on the golden waves of the desert. You do not need any special training. All you have to do is sit or stand on the sandboard and let it slide on the slope of the desert. Balancing the board while sliding down is the key, and falling off is fun, too, as the soft sand would cushion your fall. Enjoy it with your friends, make a game of it, and make videos of sliding down and falling off for the keeps. Sandboarding is one of Dubai's best fun activities on a desert safari.

Camel Ride

As soon as you reach our campsite, well-adorned camels welcome you. Camels have been known long since as the best rides in the deserts. These animals have hooves that don't sink in the sand and bodies that support easy desert rides. Enjoyed mainly by the kids, camel rides in the Dubai Safari are not just for selfies but also for creating laughter-filled memories. No worries about falls throughout your ride; our expert handlers will keep your ride safe. We bring this joy ride free of cost to add to your thrill.

Quad Biking Dubai

Quads are heavy bikes with four wheels, hefty tires, and massive horsepower. You can ride these quad bikes at our desert camp. You don't need a driver's license. Following brief instructions from our expert guides, you will be riding your quad along a pre-planned route that guarantees excitement and fun. Quad biking needs firm control of the quad. Since it is conducted in a secure and controlled environment, one need not worry too much about safety. There are different types of quads, and there are buggies, too. You may do dune bashing on a tiny scale through buggy driving and quad biking. The package does not include quad biking; you can pay for it at the campsite.

Desert Campsite BBQ Buffet Dinner Menu – Veg & Non-Veg

A Bedouin-style campsite is created to bring Arabic-style entertainment and BBQ dinner to complete the package. The BBQ dinner includes non-veg and veg items to suit everyone's taste and palate. The menu is carefully designed to cater to all nationalities through Arabic, Indian, and continental delights. If informed beforehand, we provide separate dining options for the Jains, vegans, and Kosher. So, if you are one of them, please notify us before you set out for the safari. Sitting under the vast canopy of stars, dining in the desert becomes more than a meal. The BBQ dinner starts with snack items and different kinds of salads. As the buffet is huge, you should enjoy it slowly while enjoying the dance and entertainment program at the center stage. The food is labeled so you know which are vegetarian and which are not. The sweets at the end are equally delicious and mouth-watering. We ensure that you have the best safari tour with us by bringing the best for you through its years of experience and continuous feedback from its patrons.

Desert Campsite Live Entertainment

Its campsite's live entertainment combines culture, dance, and music. The entertainment performance starts with the Khaleeji dance performed by local Bedouin dancers, followed by the belly dance, one of the most popular dance forms in the world. The belly dance follows the Tanura dance, which only male artists perform. The showstopper of the best safari tour is a fantastic fire show. All the performers are jaw-dropping and make you relaxed. Due to the liberal policies of the Dubai government, you get to see such beautiful dances so openly. The desert campsite transforms into a performance arena of musicals to bring Arabic heritage entertainment to you.

Belly Dance Show

The belly Dance Show, a high-energy performance by beautiful ladies, is integral to Middle Eastern culture. This captivating dance, accompanied by Arabic music, was initially reserved for kings in Egypt. However, now you can experience this exclusive performance at the Oasis Palm Tourism campsite. The main highlight of the show is the elegant and racy movements of the hips and belly, a skill that takes years of practice and an understanding of local music. Immerse yourself in this unique cultural experience over a sumptuous dinner at the campsite.

Fire Show

The Fire Show is more than just entertainment. It's a transformative experience that celebrates the region's rich cultural heritage. A deft artist lights up the arena with seemingly dangerous maneuvers, leaving you spellbound. But beyond the visual spectacle, the Fire Show sparks a sense of togetherness among the audience. Strangers become companions as they share their amazement, laughter, and applause. The performers' passion for their craft is palpable, and their energy radiates throughout the crowd, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie that inspires.

Tanura Dance

The Egyptian Tanura dance, a mesmerizing desert camp performance in Dubai, is more than just a cultural celebration. It's a spiritual journey that bridges the earthly and spiritual realms. Amidst golden dunes, the dancer's colorful whirling costume enchants as he spins, each layer revealing new patterns. Accompanied by traditional music, the dance evokes Sufi mysticism, a spiritual practice seeking enlightenment. This vibrant spectacle, steeped in symbolism, adds a touch of elegance to your Arabian cultural experience, enriching the night with its graceful artistry and timeless significance.

Traditional Khaleeji Dance

The Khaleeji Dance is a captivating cultural performance showcased at its desert camp, providing an authentic glimpse into the rich traditions of the Arabian Peninsula. This traditional dance, characterized by its lively music and rhythmic movements, features dancers in vibrant abaya for women and dish-dash for men, with intricate embroidery and jewels. The women performers often sway their hair in sync with the music, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle while the men dance with sticks. The Khaleeji Dance is not just a performance but a celebration of the region's heritage and artistry, a testament to the resilience and vibrancy of its people. Watching a Khaleeji Dance performance under the star-lit desert sky adds a magical touch to any desert camp visit, offering visitors an immersive cultural experience that celebrates the heritage and artistry of the region.

Why Choose Us – The Pioneer Desert Safari Company in Dubai

As the leader of this adventure activity, Oasis Palm Tourism has perfected every process, every activity, and every resource to give you the best outdoor excitement and entertainment experience. Your fun and thrills are as important as your safety and hygiene. We are committed to ensuring your safety at every step of the way. It has always focused on bringing the most diversified menu and organizing exceptional dining experiences for groups such as the Jains, the vegans, and the Kosher. We value your feedback and use it to improve our performance continuously. As the best desert safari company, it also ensures that only trained and skilled experts perform all activities. It has a legacy of customer excellence, which is the primary reason you chose us.

Final Words

Desert Safari is not just a popular activity. It is an exhilarating adventure that is a MUST for every tourist. The thrilling safari tour ranks first for an unforgettable visit to Dubai. As a family outdoor trip, it is the most preferred, immersive, exciting, entertaining, and satiating activity. It is one tourist product of Dubai that finds its place in every social media, blog, and vlog. Come to us and experience the heart-pounding thrill of a desert adventure with Oasis Palm, one of Dubai's best Desert Safari Companies.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What are the options for reaching the Desert Campsite?
The most convenient option is to purchase our complete package, which includes a pick-up service from your doorstep and a drop-off after the safari. Alternatively, you can drive to the meeting point, the starting point of the safari. Our dedicated customer service team will provide a location map to ensure a hassle-free journey.
What is Dune Bashing?
Dune bashing is an exhilarating drive on the desert dunes. The term 'bashing' refers to the thrilling ride in a robust SUV like the Landcruiser, gliding over the dunes and stirring up the sand that splashes against the vehicle's windows. This adventure will surely pump your adrenaline, promising a pure rush of thrill and fun.
What to wear on a safari tour?
In winter, you should wear something warm and woolen with full sleeves. During summer, you may wear light clothing and apply plenty of sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Always keep eye-protecting anti-glares with you during the safari to avoid hot sun rays and dust getting into your eyes while sandboarding or just roaming around at the meeting point.
What is the price of a desert safari in Dubai?
The price varies according to the season. In winter, it is higher, and in summer, it is lower. Before booking, ask our helpdesk for the best price for the day. We offer many deals and promotions so that you can enjoy the best price. When asking for the price, specify if you have a group with you during the safari, and you may get the best safari company deals at 50% off.
Where is the "Meeting Point" located if I want to drive independently and come there?
The meeting point is at the base of the first desert dunes, around 45 km from Dubai's main city. If you want to reach it directly, we will send you the exact location through Google Maps.
Is there any suggested dress code for the safari tour?
It has already been explained that what you wear MUST match the season you are going. Winter requires woolen clothing and full sleeves, while summer means light clothing. However, please ensure that you dress up in respectable clothing.
Can pregnant women go on a Desert Safari in Dubai?
Pregnant women are most welcome to do it. However, for advanced pregnancy or those with complications, women must consult their doctors before deciding to do this activity. Also, you should declare your medical condition to our hospitality desk and driver so we can advise you accordingly.
How safe is the Safari Tour in Dubai?
Our safari is very safe because the RTA of Dubai licenses the drivers. The vehicles are well-maintained and refitted with safety measures such as roll cages and seat belts. The entire safari process is carefully monitored for safety, and our drivers are trained in first aid. Due to these safety precautions, the number of accidents is extremely low.
Is the Quad bike ride included in the safari package?
The Quad bike is not included in the package. You need to buy a separate ticket for quad biking, which is available at the campsite. To book the Quad bike ride, you can either purchase it on-site or buy the Quad bike ride package online. Please consult our reservation agent to guide you through this process and ensure a seamless experience.
What is the difference between a Quad Bike and an ATV?
Quad bikes are different from all-terrain Vehicles (ATVs) as ATVs are designed mostly for mountains, etc., while quad bikes are mainly designed for deserts. We do not provide ATVs for dune bashing or campsite riding as the Dubai government approves them as leisure sports vehicles.
What is VIP seating? How do I enjoy VIP seating at your campsite?
What is VIP seating? How do I enjoy VIP seating at your campsite? VIP seating is a premium service we offer for those who want complete privacy and a more luxurious experience. We have created specially furnished seating that you can reserve. We would barricade or enclose these seats. You may book as many such enclosures as possible. When you book VIP seating, you will have a dedicated waiter who will bring food for you rather than standing in the queue. You would enjoy all the live entertainment seating and plush seating undisturbed with your family members.
How much does a desert safari tour cost?
Our Safari package price depends on the season. During winter, which starts in October and lasts until March, our prices are high; during summer, they are low. Please visit our website and chat with our reservation team for the best prices, offers, deals, and group pricing. You will get the best offer to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity in Dubai.
Do you have anything in your BBQ Dinner Buffet for Vegans?
If you are vegan, please let our hospitality desk know in advance. This will ensure they talk to our F&B team to provide you with a specially packed vegan dinner. We will care for your food preferences, provided you inform us in advance. We are always at your service and ever ready to pamper you.
How far are the Desert campsite and dune-bashing sites?
The campsite is almost 5 to 6 kilometers from the dune bashing site and close to the Meeting Point. If you are coming directly to our campsite, we advise you to go to the Meeting Point, where our driver will take you to the campsite. Likewise, we will drop you back at the Meeting Point, where you can pick up your vehicle and drive back.
Can I buy my Dubai Safari Package online?
Of course, you may buy your package online. To do this, visit our website and select the package that suits your needs. Our site has a secure payment gateway, so you can manage your payments and chat with our helpdesk. Ask all questions and specify your food preferences before booking. Once your payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with all your booking details.
Which time is the best for Desert Safari in Dubai?
Season-wise, winter is the best time. However, many also prefer the summer months. So, you are free to choose your preference, and we are always there to give you the best experience.
What vehicles do you provide for Dubai Safari in dune bashing?
We provide only the best in the class, a Toyota Landcruiser 4 x 4 for dune bashing. These vehicles are very sturdy, stable, and purpose-built. The 4 X4 Land Cruisers we provide for this adventure are known as the kings of off-road. We keep them well-maintained and install special safety devices to keep you safe and secure.
What time of year is best for a safari tour?
Our safari tours typically last for around 6 hours, so it's best to plan your visit during a time of year when you can comfortably spend this amount of time outdoors.
The Winter months of October, November, December, January, February, and March are the best. This is because the desert gets sufficiently cooled, and the outdoors becomes more suitable for your body. You would also get the best sunset during the winter
What are the activities in the Safari Tour?
There are many activities during the safari. It starts with Dune bashing. Then we take you to the top of a dune and a sandboard to enjoy thrills and falls on the sand while sandboarding. For kids, we have camel rides at our campsite. You can also do leisure activities like enjoying a round or two of local aromatic sheesha. We also have local artisan women who can give excellent henna tattoos. For adventure seekers, we recommend our quad bike rides at our campsite.
What payment method do you have?
You can pay via online transfer, credit or debit card, or cash. You can also book your seat and request our help desk to have some money collected by our drivers when they pick you up at the start of the safari. However, we advise you to complete all your payment formalities before the beginning of the safari.
What are the things to carry for the Dubai Safari Trip?
You must travel light. You are advised to carry sunscreen lotion, your mobile/ camera, and proper eyewear to avoid the harsh sun glare of the desert. We have plenty of water onboard our safari vehicles to quench your thirst. For new mothers, we advise that you carry proper food and water. So, prepare better for a joyful time.
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