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The safari through the deserts of Dubai lets you experience the forgotten cultures of Emirati Arabs of the past centuries. With some heart-thumping dune bashing action and a luscious Barbecue gourmet to go on top of it. Do every adventure you can think of on the dunes. Enjoy the intercontinental buffet dinner in a traditional Arabic Bedouin camp, all the while watching stunning folk dance performances. This is your go-to trip if you want a throwback into Dubai's past or simply brighten up a mundane evening. Oasis Palm Tours Company provides you the best Desert Safari in Dubai.

Desert Safari in Dubai lets you experience the forgotten traditions of Arabs. With some heart-thumping dune bashing and a delicious Barbecue gourmet dinner to go on top of it. Do every adventure you can think of on the dunes.

Desert Safari - A Journey to the Red Dunes 

Have you ever asked yourself how did Dubai look like before it became a megacity? If yes, this trip is for you. Hit the road and find out the secrets of the mysterious desert sands.

Go for a daring drive through the red dunes of Lehbab desert in Dubai. Oasis Palm Tours gives you amazing desert safari Dubai Deals and offers to enjoy your holiday.

  • The trip will be confirmed immediately after the booking.
  • Cancellation is available at any time 24 hours before the trip.
  • An experienced guide who is proficient in English to show you around and assist you with anything regarding the trip.

Safari Trip Inclusions:

  • Pick-up & drop-off at your preferred location (Dubai & Sharjah) in a 4x4 Land Cruiser
  • Pick-up timing: between 3.30 PM and 4:00 PM
  • Dune bashing on the red dunes
  • Sandboarding and camel ride
  • Sunset photo-stop
  • Traditional Arabic Bedouin campsite
  • Dress-up in traditional Arabic costumes
  • Henna Tattooing
  • Free Sheesha (Hubble Bubble) at the Sheesha corner
  • Unlimited drinks – Arabic coffee, tea, and soft drinks
  • Tanoura, Fire show & Belly Dance
  • BBQ buffet dinner with both Veg and non-Veg options
  • Drop-off at around 9 PM

Desert Safari Experience

Even though Dubai has transformed into a busy cosmopolitan city, deserts are still a significant portion of this Emirate. Your visit here is never complete without taking a visit to the desert of Dubai adorned with red dunes. With 15 years of impeccable service to our credit, Oasis Palm Tours is the Best Desert Safari Company in Dubai. We give our guests the best safari deals with a focus on superb desert safari camp experience and energetic dune bashing.

We offer you the best packages to enjoy your vacation in the red dunes. Spend your holidays exploring the local Bedouin culture and with an adventurous trip through the loose sands.

Beginning of The Desert Adventure

The tour begins with your driver picking you up from your preferred place in a well-kempt and neat 4x4 land cruiser. Our safari drivers are friendly, professional, and expert tour guides who can answer any question about Dubai and the desert. Depending on your location and the season of the year, the pick-up will be around 3:30 in the evening.

On Top Of Desert Dunes

After the pickup, you go to the deserts. Lehbab is a little over 30 minutes drive from the city. In between, there will be a stopover for a quick refreshment. Meantime, drivers prepare the cars for the journey by letting most of the air out of tires to make it suitable to drive on the sand.

Once we reach the desert, we stop at the first photo-point. The trip provides you numerous opportunities for amazing golden-hour pictures against the magnificent desert backdrop. Take your first steps on the dunes. When you try walking on the sand, you will realize that walking on it is unlike anything. Your feet almost sinks into it. This will keep you wondering how the Bedouins crossed the vast stretch of sand with only their feet and camels to aid. That's why the camels are rightly called the ship of the desert.

From the first photo-point, all the land cruisers form a convoy and set out for the big desert adventure. The unforgettable part of the desert safari in Dubai as recollected by seasoned travelers is the dune bashing. Dune bashing can be best described as a rollercoaster ride through the dunes but inside a Land Cruiser. It's exhilarating when you see sand go over your car like waves. Even though it is a daring ride, our trained drivers make sure you are safe inside the vehicle. All of our vehicles are fitted with additional safety bars too.

In between the dune bashing, taking pictures and try sand skiing. Skiing isn't only meant for cold climates. Sandskiing is also called sandboarding. Dubai is among a handful of places you can slide down from atop the dunes towering tens of meters above you.

Catching Sunset in The Desert Campsite

After almost half an hour of venting out the adventurous streak on the sands, we head forward to the camp before the sunset. The fun isn't over yet!

The desert safari camp gives you a warm welcome with refreshing drinks. We have prepared the campsite with everything that you will love. You and your mate can hop on a quad bike and speed on the impossible sand. Quad bikes glide easily over the hectic terrain. They will take you a few minutes to master, but once it's done, they are super enjoyable.

Then you can go for a short ride on top of a camel or take pictures with the falcon, the national bird of the United Arab Emirates. Seeing a falcon up close itself is impressive. It's a gorgeous bird.

Inside the camp, you can take a peek into the Arabian Bedouin culture. You can dress up in traditional Emirati attire, get a beautiful henna tattoo, smoke the Hubbly Bubbly sheesha, and collect some souvenirs as a memoir of your adventure. You can also enjoy copious amounts of soft drinks and Arabic coffee.

As the sun goes down, the camp livens up. The starters are served, followed by a delicious main course. The barbecue dinner has so many intercontinental dishes which you can relish until your heart's content. Vegetarian options are also available for those who prefer it. To make everything even more exciting, there will be incredible folk performances.

After the dinner and the show, you can laze in the camp and enjoy the desert vibe. Your driver will get the cars ready to drop you back at your location. You can go home content and happy after a day well spent.

A desert safari trip is suitable for any season. The desert has a different charm in different seasons. If you thought the desert in summer is too hot, here is a surprise. You can comfortably visit even at the height of the summer. In fact, deserts are much cooler by almost 10 degrees than the city because of the very little humidity in the sand. So pack your things and head out for this ultimate adventure trip.

Safari Trip Dos and Don'ts

  • Littering is a punishable offense. Please dispose of your trash properly in the trash containers.
  • Children must be under the supervision of the parent or an accompanying adult.
  • Public displays of affection should be avoided during the tour.
  • Smoking is prohibited in public places and inside the tour vehicle.
  • Do not take pictures of anyone without their consent, especially the local people.

Dune Bashing Is Not Advisable For:

  • Senior citizens
  • Pregnant women & infants
  • People with back problems
  • People with heart conditions
  • Wheelchair users

To Ensure Your Safety on Trip

  • Guests are requested to follow the instructions of the Safari Guide.
  • All the cars are insured.
  • All drivers are certified in Desert Driving
  • Cars are equipped with seat belts, air-bags, and roll bars.
  • Cars are fitted with government mandated GPS trackers.
  • Remember to fasten your seat belt throughout the trip. No luggage or large bags are allowed inside the car during the Desert Safari trip.
  • Standard first-aid kits are available in every vehicle.
  • Days of Operation Daily
  • Duration 6 to 7 hours
  • Age Limit Should be 3 years or above
  • Location Lehbab desert, Dubai
  • Timing Between 3 PM and 4 PM

Dress Code for Desert Safari

There is no specific dress code for the safari. Anything comfortable will do. For the summer months wear something light and loose-fitting to stay cool. For winters, carry a jacket with you. The temperature in the desert falls sharply after sunset. Reserve your best clothes for other trips because after hours on the sand, you will find yourself dusting off your clothes.

Another thing to take care is footwear. The sand gets everywhere inside your shoes if you are wearing a normal pair of low top sneakers. So it is better to wear high tops. Even toe-less sandals are better than sneakers.

Don’t forget to bring your hats and shades and wear sunscreen. Also, remember that wearing outlandish and outrageous clothes can land you in trouble.

Desert Safari - Quick Tips

  • The dune bashing is a thrilling ride through the desert and can be a little bouncy often. It's advisable to have only a light meal before the trip, especially if you get affected easily by motion sickness.
  • Beware of any unauthorized agents who promise you the same packages at lower prices to avoid landing up in a tour with poor service. They deliver way less than what they promise.
  • There is no space for large luggage inside the vehicle. So pack light. Take only the things that are necessary.
  • Try to avoid wearing too much jewelry or carrying valuable objects with you.
  • Even if you don't like dune bashing, there are several other options that let you enjoy the safari with only short a dune bashing session.
  • Don't fall prey to Illegal freelance agents who are not licensed to take you for the safari. They might compromise your safety by using uninsured vehicles and unqualified drivers.
  • Only go for a DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) approved tours company. Traveling with an authorized tour provider will ensure that your trip is free of risks. Always choose the best desert safari company in Dubai.
  • If you are looking for more affordable vacation options than evening Desert Safari Deals, we also have many other exciting tour packages listed on our website.
  • The premium desert safari is the most convenient option. Even though there are other options which cost less, you won’t get the complete dune bashing experience which is the essential part of the trip. The price of an evening desert safari comes with a whole lot of comfort and great enjoyment.
  • Finally, always follow the safety instructions of the guide.


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