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Ski Dubai – Mall Of Emirates

Dubai is well-known for its towering skylines, the extravagantly built landmarks, the driverless metro, and the wide range of commercial enterprises. When you delve further into its geography, you can observe that it is located smack in the middle of the desert, a landmass known for its scorching heat. Thus, who would expect a fully operational, 22,500 square-meter Ski resort built in Dubai? It does exist, and it is aptly called “Ski Dubai.” This is one of the unique activities in the Middle East, and there are many more exciting places to visit in Dubai.

If you go to the internet and do a quick Google search, you will find out that Ski Dubai, from the outside, looks straight like something out of science fiction. It seems like a spaceship with a zig-zag shape to mimic the slope of a natural mountain. From the outside, it looks normal to forgo the presence of walls.

Ski Dubai is a fantastic, thrilling, and adrenaline-pumping experience. For experienced skiers and snowboarders, it offers a tremendous slope to ride on, stretching long for maximum enjoyment. It also has a chairlift and a tow bar. For the intermediate skier, it is an enriching experience. For beginners, it can be an introduction to a whole new world. Do you know that you can experience sandboarding throughout the year, which is part of the thrilling desert safari package?


Ski Dubai Experience means enjoying the Alps mountain right in the desert. The icy slopes of the Swiss Alps are recreated with occasional snowfall, plus much more! For many, the Ski Dubai experience also means sipping hot coffee or hot chocolate fully covered from tip to toe. Ski Dubai is rated as the top indoor Ski Resort globally for 2016 and 2017. There are many more experiences that you can take home when you visit Ski Dubai. The Ski Dubai snow park gives you a unique understanding of making your snowman or playing with snow. You can do sledding, tobogganing, or do a bit more courageous tower climbing. Or, how about entering an igloo with your family and enjoying the snow cave with intricately designed artwork made from hardened ice?

For more hardened snow gamers, you may enjoy the giant ball run or thrill yourself with the Mountain Thriller Ride. A state-of-the-art chairlift takes you over and above everything to get a nice aerial view of this 4500 square meters giant snow arena.

Ski Dubai maintains a temperature of -4 degrees Celsius, so it is highly recommended that you wear correctly insulating material, such as fleece jackets and thermals, with gloves and thick socks for hands and feet. This equipment is available for purchase or can come complimentary with special tickets. It has various shops, restaurants, and rides apart from the main slope. The rides range from simple slides to rolling down a slope confined in a giant bubble.

Keeping up with the cold-snow-ice theme, Ski Dubai also has live penguin shows that showcase Emperor Penguins to the eager crowd. If your penguin encounters are booked, you can also interact with the penguins themselves.

I am feeling hungry! Head to the top of Ski Dubai Mountain and buy yourself an assortment of goodies, including Pizza, coffee, and sandwiches. It was aptly named North 28 Restaurant. And that rounds up your fantastic experience in Ski Dubai.



Tickets for experience in Ski Dubai vary from person to person. If you are a beginner and want to enjoy the view and experience an Alpine café, you should buy one package. However, choose a more severe package if snow is your scene and you have done some tough sledding abroad or learned tobogganing skills. Ski Dubai has different options for different people.


There is the two-hour slope pass and the full-day slope pass. There is also a wildcard entry; the total SKIFLY experience, where two hours of slope time is provided, and the first-time flyer experience in iFLY Dubai, i.e., two flights.

The SNOW PLUS Package

This is an ideal package for beginners, and this will get you;

·         Unlimited access to all snow rides that include Turbine Run, Snow Plough, Snow Playground, Zorb Ball, Chairlift, and Mountain Thriller

You may choose one from the following;

·         2 hours of slop (MUST have relevant expertise, defined by Ski Dubai as “Intermediate Skills”) or

·         40 minutes of Penguin encounter or

·         Snow Bullet ride OR

·         60 Minutes of Discovery Lesson (either in Skiing or snowboarding)

You will also get a standard locker and a pair of fleece gloves to protect you from extreme cold. A standard locker and a pair of fleece gloves. If you think you need to take everything from home, think again. Ski Dubai has these things sorted for you. They will provide you with the following;

·         Snow boots and disposable socks pair

·         Standard snow Jacket and warm snow pants (all sizes are available)

·         Ski/ Snowboard equipment, if you don’t have one

·         A pair of fleece gloves

·         Helmets for head protection (A MUST for all children below 13 years)

Also, please note that all charges include 5% vat. Do not carry mobiles and Cameras inside the Penguin Encounter Area; for snow bullet rides, children MUST be above eight years of age, have a height of 125cm, and weigh more than 30kg.

The SKIFLY – Slope


The MAF group has one more indoor adventure destination called “IFLY,” which gives a unique free-flying experience defying gravity. For thrill-seekers, they can combine these two into one called Skyfly Slop. Through this package, you will get the complete Alpine slope experience in Ski Dubai of Mall of Emirates and the iFLY experience in their City Center, Mirdiff.

This Package Includes the following:

·      Two hours of access to the Slope of Ski Dubai, Mall of Emirates (provided you have the required expertise)

·      Two flights at iFLY Dubai, “First Time Flyer Experience “(under the expert’s supervision)

This package also includes all gear provided by iFLY and Ski Dubai Management. However, if you are more than an ordinary sport, there is a retail shop inside ski Dubai to buy your gear.


There are various packages for this. The snow park is typical, which guarantees an experience of the snow park with all rides, and a Zorb ball ride included. Snow classic is the same, including the chairlift and the Mountain Thriller ride. You may buy the Snow Park Premium plus package, including 40 to 60 minutes of slop access, only if you have intermediate-level expertise.

Price Aed 520/= per person

Penguin Experience

Penguin Experience

Snow and penguins are inseparable; if you go to any snow park, you will want to see these super cute birds. Ski Dubai gives you the ultimate experience of interacting with these penguins and getting yourself clicked. You will have all the bragging rights for making penguins your buddy. There are three different packages;

A 40-minute package includes visiting the Penguin Encounter to see Gentoo and King Penguins. It also interacts with these two species, standard locker room and snow gear. Children below two years are not allowed, and children up to 16 years must be accompanied by elders.

Ultimate Peng-Friend

If you are a true Peng friend and find them irresistible, choose the Ultimate Pen-Friend package that allows you 90 minutes of fun-filled edutainment, where you will meet the Penguin Care Team and learn a lot about how they are being taken care of. You will get a soft copy image, a souvenir, and a hot chocolate serving. This also includes unlimited Snow Park entry and all rides. Gears are included.

Price – Aed 830/= per person.

Swimming with Penguin

Swimming with Penguin

This is for the ultimate penguin lovers. If you are one of them and have seen these majestic birds swimming in National Geography or Discovery Channel and always wanted to swim along with them, then this is your chance. This package includes all the experiences of the Ultimate Peng friend and a 15-minute swimming time with one of the Penguins. You may even hold them, pet them and shower all your love. These are very friendly and well-trained birds. The management of Ski Dubai will provide all the swimming and snow gear.

There are many more packages available for you, and regularly, Ski Dubai has special promotions during Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises. It would be advisable to check the promotions and then book your tickets. If booked online, you will receive the tickets at your doorstep.

Special packages are also available for school children and corporate and tourist groups.

Ski Dubai Timings

Sunday to Wednesday, Ski Dubai is open from 10 am to 11 pm for all the activities and experiences.

On Thursdays, it is open from 11 am to 12 midnight and

On Fridays, it is open from 9 am to 11 pm.

If you want to buy tickets, please remember that the last ticket will be sold from 9.30 am on Sunday to Wednesday, and your last ticket for Friday will be available till 10.30 pm.

Ticket for PENGUIN MARCH will be every day 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

Getting to Ski Dubai

The best way to reach Ski Dubai is to take Redline Metro, get down at the Mall of Emirates and take the sky ramp. You will be entering the Ski Dubai Arena. There is a complete list of things to do, including love lake Dubai if you wish to explore.