Best Activities in Desert Safari

Top Activities To Try In the Dubai Desert

quad biking

Deserts in Dubai are mysterious and soulful at the same time. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the haste and extravagance of the city, head to the natural landscape for some fresh air. The deserts have anything and everything to give an excellent holiday, from adrenaline activities to a relaxing getaway.

The best time to visit the deserts is undoubtedly the winter. Plan your visit in a period between October and March. If you go to the desert in winter, you will surely love it. The cool breeze, fresh air, and cold sand are all enough to gift a perfect day.

You can also try all the desert recreational activities without worrying about the temperature. Here is a list of some exciting things to do among the dunes in Dubai.

Dune bashing

Dune bashing in Dubai is one of the most exciting desert activities. The dunes provide an excellent opportunity for off-roading rather than any other terrain. The spirited ride through the dunes in an SUV will lure the brave souls out there. It involves climbing up a tall dune and dropping swiftly to give butterflies in your stomach.

desert safari Dubai

Sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and hold your breath as the driver whips around the dunes. The bouncy movement will make you scream in fear and thrill.

Quad Biking

It is a chance to get behind the wheel and navigate the desert yourself. Unleash the rebel in you with quad biking Dubai. You can zip along the dunes on a stylish quad bike, the favorite of thrill-seekers. This motorcycle with four wheels is the companion of bikers going for off-road trips. You can hire quad bikes in the desert and hit the dunes.

Enjoy the ride with your fellow bikers and follow the natural trail of the dunes while blowing up the sand. Come on, quad biking is not a hard nut to crack. An instructor can train you for some time, you will practice on the bike, and there you go.


This is undoubtedly the best solo sport to try in the sand. It is similar to snowboarding; the only difference is that you are skiing on the sand. The dunes allow smooth movement with sufficient speed, making sandboarding popular in deserts.

Strap the sandboard onto your feet and slide from the top of a tall dune. You can buy a sandboard or rent it from any of the companies. It is one of the many fun things to do in the desert.

Camel Ride

A trip to the desert is incomplete without a camel ride. These gentle creatures were once the only means of transport in the sand. So, no wonder that they were called ‘ships of the desert. People of any age can go camel riding as they are calm creatures. You may feel scared initially due to its bumpy movement, but you will soon get used to it.

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Spending time in some outdoor locations is an excellent transformation from daily life filled with the hustle and bustle of the city. The desert camping in Dubai with your favorite people to delight in the tranquil surroundings. You can celebrate your heart out without any annoyances when you have a secluded setting.

However, remember to take the necessary items like food, water, first-aid, a tent, a barbecue grill, warm clothing, and the like. And one important thing, never harm the new premises. You should ensure that the premises are clean before you leave. Love Lake Dubai is the best camping site in Dubai.

See the sunset

Given the beautiful natural setting without bounds, it is evident that the sunset in the desert is incredible. Watch the sun disappear behind the dunes by giving a glow to the golden dunes. The sky will have various hues, including orange, purple, and pink. This is the most romantic and wonderful time in the desert, which you should never miss.

Have a BBQ Dinner

Happiness doubles with tasty food. When you have a great time with your favorite people, how about having some delicious, hot food? Grill a barbecue and have it amid your chit-chat. Having dinner at a splendid location, and gazing upon the thousands of galaxies in the clear sky, is a memorable experience. Cooking some hot dishes will also help you manage the low temperatures if the visit is in winter.

Find all of them on a Desert Safari

Trying all the adventures in the desert may be difficult for you, especially because many need special equipment. So, going on a desert safari is an economical and convenient option. Dubai desert safari includes all thrilling activities to do in the desert.

The main benefit of going on a desert safari is getting all of them and some other exciting experiences. You can choose between morning and evening desert safari per your tastes and schedule.

Bedouin camp

A typical desert safari duration is 5-7 hours. It will start by picking you up from your location and going to the desert. Then, a half-an-hour dune bashing ride will make you whoop in delight. Try camel rides, quad biking, sandboarding, and take a photo with the falcon. Henna painting is free of cost by a lady designer.

A traditional Bedouin campsite is arranged for you to relax and enjoy the entertainment shows. Tanoura, Belly dance, and a fire show are the events that will make the day livelier. A delicious barbecue dinner with intercontinental dishes will end the day.

Dubai Desert Safari package

·         Pick-up & drop-off in Dubai & Sharjah in a 4×4 Land Cruiser

·         Pick up timing: between 3.30 PM and 4:00 PM

·         Dune bashing in the Lahbab desert on the red dunes

·         Camel ride and sandboarding

· Photo stops to capture the sunset

·         Campsite modeled after Bedouin traditions

·         Henna Painting

·         Traditional Arabic dress-up

·         Hubble Bubble Shisha at the Sheesha corner

·         Unlimited Arabic coffee and soft drinks

·         Fire Show, Tanoura Show & Belly Dance Show

·         Buffet BBQ dinner with vegetarian and non-veg menus

·         Drop-off at your location at around 9 PM

·         Pictures with Falcon