Dune Bashing Dubai | All you Need to Know About Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing Dubai

Travel buffs always crave new experiences. With too many remarkable places, you can have unique and novel experiences to sate your excitement. Journeys also promise many thrilling adventures. If you are looking for one destination that offers the best natural landscape adventures, search no more than Dubai.

Tourists flock to Dubai like bees to honey for all the surprises it keeps up its sleeve. It would help if you never missed this great city in the Middle East. There is no better place to spice up your holidays. The boundless deserts in Dubai await passionate travelers with many exciting activities. Have you heard of dune bashing? It is the zaniest thing that you can do in the desert. Once in Dubai, don’t miss dune bashing at any cost.

What is Dune Bashing?

The power that the word dune bashing conveys is accurate for every good reason. It is a popular desert adventure in which a skilled driver hits the dunes in a sports utility vehicle (SUV) at varying speeds. Dune bashing is offered as part of a desert safari package. A Desert Safari is a trip to the desert that includes adventures, entertainment, and food. Dune bashing is exhilarating among all the desert adventures in Desert Safari Dubai.

The Experience of Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an adrenaline-pumping activity in every sense. As the car climbs up a dune rapidly and drops suddenly, you will give whoops of delight. Enjoy the mad fall from the tall dunes. The crazy drive blowing out a lot of sand usually lasts up to 30 minutes.

Dune Bashing Experience

Expect breaks between rides, as the driver needs to control the tire’s pressure. The pressure is reduced to enable maximum traction against the sand. Take a group of friends or go with your family to have maximum fun.

Desert safari is an excellent choice for your weekends. It will be a refreshing escapade to help you eliminate all your stress. Desert has something for people of all ages. Dune bashing is more spine-tingling than any of the roller-coaster rides out there. If you don’t believe it, go for it and see how you feel.

Is Dune Bashing Safe?

Well, dune bashing is entirely safe. The luxurious SUVs that take you for the crazy drivers are equipped with safety gear. The tire pressure will be reduced to enable smooth movement over the dunes. You only have to ensure that you book the trip with the most reputed company in Dubai.

An experienced company will prioritize your safety and strive to make the journey memorable. So, there’s no need to worry. Take a deep breath and get ready for the wildest ride.

Things to remember

·         Fasten your seatbelt before the ride

·        Go only with professional drivers, as driving over the dunes requires special skills

·         Wear simple and comfortable clothes

·         Avoid having a large meal before the trip

·         Children below four years are not permitted for dune bashing

·         Stop the ride if you are feeling any discomfort

·         Wear sandals or slippers instead of shoes as sand will get into them for sure

The best dune-bashing Dubai deals

Just like you can find the finest deserts in Dubai, the place offers some of the best desert safari packages for unlimited fun in the sand. Book a trip with a trustworthy company that provides excellent desert safari deals.

Premium Safari

·         Escape from the hectic city and head to the tranquil deserts

·         Catch your breath in the thrilling dune dune-bashing ride

·         Relish a toothsome buffet with Arabic and Continental dishes

·         Enjoy entertainment like Tanoura, belly dance, and fire show

·         Take some pictures in the traditional Arabic dress for your Instagram stories

·         Indulge in the pastime like camel rides, henna tattooing, and sandboarding

·         Perceive the beauty of desert sunset

beauty of desert sunset

Private Safari

·         Go on a trip with only your loved ones

·         Feel the adrenaline rush in dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel ride

·         Savor a delicious dinner buffet in the Bedouin camps

·         Take pictures in Arabic dress and watch the sunset

·         Admire Tanoura, belly dance, and fire show

·         Get some henna tattoos on your hands

henna tattoos on your hands

Morning Safari

·         Embrace the dunes at the crack of dawn

·         Have fun during dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding

·         Try the optional quad biking for an extra fee

Self-drive Safari

·         Spice up your weekend with a dinner at the desert

·         Drive yourself and reach the deserts without waiting for anyone

·         Skilled drivers will take you to Bedouin camps

·         Enjoy dune bashing on the way to the camps

·         Have a delicious intercontinental barbeque dinner

·         Take pictures in Arabic costumes against the backdrop of a sunset

·         Admire Tanoura and Belly dance

Budget Safari

·         Go on a desert safari at affordable prices

·         Feel the thrill in a short yet fantastic dune-bashing ride

·         Try adventures like sandboarding and camel ride

·         Get your hands painted with the Henna and snap some pictures in Arabic dress

·         Watch entertainment programs like Tanoura and belly dance

·         Behold the view of sunset in the desert

·         Have a delectable buffet with a variety of dishes

Your visit to Dubai is undoubtedly incomplete without dune bashing. Ensure you book a trip with an experienced tourism company in Dubai, which gives you the perfect journey. This weekend, try adventures with your favorite people and feel the vigor in you.

The daredevils are going to love it for sure. Pick the best Dubai dune bashing deal and recreation on the sand.