Top 10 reasons to visit Dubai right now

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From a desolate desert to a cosmopolitan metropolis! The transformation of Dubai didn’t happen by chance. Instead, it is the fruit of meticulous planning and sedulous efforts. Arguably the fastest growing city in the world innovates and designs the best things every other day. While roaming around the city with all the high rises, you will have to look up into the sky to find the tip of the towers.

Dubai is family-friendly and safe by every means that solo travelers can travel without worries. Weather in Dubai can be broadly divided into two — summer and winter. Winter is from October to March, and the rest is summer. You should plan your visit in winter as it is the most wonderful time in the city. If you are going in summer, you have many options for indoor entertainment. But you may miss some of the exciting outdoor activities in the city.

 See the top 10 reasons to visit Dubai at least once in your life.

1.   Numerous attractions

Can you make a bucket list of the best places to visit in Dubai? Of course, you can, but how long is the list going to be? The numerous attractions in the city along with new ones sprouting up frequently make it almost impossible for tourists to choose the best. Those who have ample time can visit them one by one, but others who are on the short visit are sure to miss some wonders. However, ensure that you visit the iconic landmarks that have become the identity of Dubai.

burj al arab

Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Marina and Miracle Garden are some of the attractions which have become the city’s identity. It is of no surprise that people called Burj Al Arab a ‘seven-star hotel’. Given the premium experience and dining in the hotel, anyone will feel that it is the most luxurious hotel in the world. You can dine and live like a king when you are at Burj Al Arab.

The second attraction Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago built in the shape of a huge date palm. Several luxurious restaurants, including Atlantis, have made Palm Jumeirah the go-to destination in Dubai. Marina is the artificial canal city where you can experience the nightlife and extravagance of Dubai at its best.

If you want to see a garden in the desert, visit Miracle Garden. Yes, Dubai has the largest natural flower garden in the world. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Go to Miracle Garden, and you will get several exceptional photos stops for Instagram.

2.   The thrill of adventure

A journey is incomplete without some adventures. Dubai promises an eventful holiday with spine-tingling adventures. Explore anything and everything in the water, underwater, sky, or the land. The choices are extensive that the adrenaline junkies will have to choose according to their preferences. Try sandboarding in the deserts, skiing at Ski Dubai or paragliding at the beaches. There are a lot of other things that you can try to feel the thrill.

scuba diving

3.   A blend of cultures

Nowhere else you can find the blend of different cultures as in Dubai, mainly because expats constitute 80 percent of the city’s population. Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and westerners make up the population. The city wholeheartedly embraces all cultures, which is the main reason for it becoming one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the world.

You will see different people, hear varied languages, and taste a variety of dishes. English is the lingua franca in the city, so no worries if you don’t know Arabic. Apart from all these cultures, the city believes in and cherishes Islamic traditions. You can gain insight into the Islamic way of life and beliefs from the mosques and museums.

Visiting the mosques in Dubai itself is a visual treat as the architectural excellence is explicit here also. The only mosque in Dubai which allows entry for non-Muslims is Jumeirah Mosque. Make sure that you respect the Islamic traditions throughout your stay. Just like Dubai respects your culture, you are also supposed to follow their rules.

4.   The ultimate shopping destination

Be it traditional or modern, Dubai has something up its sleeve for the shopaholics. As the cherry on top, enjoy tax-free shopping. If you are in love with jewelry, head to the Gold Souk to buy affordable and beautiful things. Souks are the predecessors of the modern shopping malls, and they are close to the Arabian traditions. Gold Souk has an extensive collection of ornaments which means you may sometimes get confused to choose but never run out of choice.

shopping Dubai

Dubai Mall is the perfect place to find all the global brands under a single roof. It is a shopping, sightseeing and entertainment destination in the city. Apart from all these, there are shopping festivals which seduce people from around the world. Dubai Shopping Festival is the most famous among them and is held in the month of January.

5.   Exceptional architecture

The tallest building in the world which stands at the heart of the city stands testimony to its architectural feat. Many of the towers in the city, including Burj Khalifa, had broken several world records as easy as pie. The skyline is adorned with skyscrapers designed by the world-renowned architects. It is not just about the tall buildings; the city takes pride to have well-maintained roads, excellent public transport, and connectivity.

All these innovations have made Dubai, the city of the future. If you would like to gaze upon the awe-inspiring cityscape of Dubai, take a swift ride along the Sheikh Zayed road.

6.   Tempting nightlife

The city of lights comes alive after nightfall, especially on the weekends. Yes, this city is for the ones who love to party. The night markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and everything in Dubai are designed to give you an invigorating nightlife. Though you cannot drink in public, there are nightclubs and bars in Dubai.


Moreover, Downtown Dubai, the center of attraction in the city, is ready for a party at night. You can see the Dubai Fountain show at night at an interval of half an hour. Dhow cruises are yet another popular thing to do in Dubai at night.

7.   The mysterious deserts

Everything in Dubai began here. Desert is the soul of Dubai, which you must visit during your trip to Dubai. Go on a desert safari in Dubai to know about the traditional Bedouin lifestyle, see the traditional dances of the Middle East, try adventures, and have delicious Arabic food. Desert safari is a journey which gives you the complete experience of the desert life and culture of the city.

evening safari

8.   Unsurpassable luxury

Everything in this city is designed for the rich who loves to splurge. Though the tourists who want to visit Dubai on a budget can choose some places and attractions, mostly everything is about luxury. You can stay at the top restaurants, dine from the top of the world, and cruise on a luxury yacht. Those who are not at all worried about money have oodles of things to do in the city.

9.   The land of the tallest tower

Dubai achieved new heights with its tallest tower Burj Khalifa that lures in the visitors from around the world. The tower stands at a whopping height of 828 meters with 163 floors. Burj Khalifa illuminates Downtown Dubai and is undeniably the most jaw-dropping sight in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

You can climb to the top of the building to look down at the whole city or admire the architectural marvel from outside. The sunset from the Burj Khalifa observation deck is a sight to behold.

If you visit the place in the evening, the Dubai fountain and light show at Burj Khalifa will add a festive mood to the day. Take a selfie with the tallest structure, but is not that easy. But, try hard, and you will succeed.

10.   Great food

Sometimes, you would travel to another country and feel that the food is not as per your tastes. However, this will never happen in Dubai as the city has varied cuisines to tickle your taste buds. Dubai is famous for great food, and it is one of the many factors that attract foodies towards the city. You can try the traditional Arabic food, the Continental dishes, and also the Asian delicacies. Whatever be your favorite food, you will find it in Dubai for sure.

Tips for traveling to Dubai

·         Winter is the best time to go to Dubai (October-March)

·         Keep a jacket handy as drizzle, and cool breeze is normal in winter

·         The temperature may rise up to 50 degrees during summer

·         Dress modestly when you go to public places

·         Book your flight in advance to avoid huge prices

·         Alcohol is not banned in Dubai, but restricted

All these reasons and innumerable others have made Dubai the most-celebrated tourist destination in the world. Plan a trip to this happening city and enjoy a memorable holiday with your loved ones. 

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