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One of Dubai’s great things is that something different can still be found or achieved in the area! In this article, we will consider a strange museum that looks like nothing! One of the newest indoor and family attractions in the town is the Museum of Illusions Dubai in Al Seef. It is part of a multinational museum network, while Croatia has launched its first edition in 2015. And the new edition in Al Seef Dubai is the largest one so far, with over 80 unforgettable exhibits in store! It’s not an ordinary museum, though. This Museum of Illusions will deceive your eyes and fool your senses with swirling tunnels, infinity rooms, and mystical illusions.

If you ever want to know Dubai’s past and culture, tourists should be at the top of your list in the Dubai Museum. The museum includes historic displays illustrating the Dubai tribe’s traditional life. Here, you get to know the rich cultural past of Dubai that is opposed to today’s modern city. A museum tour provides the feeling of a continuing journey of culture and economic development.

Power of Museum

The maintenance of local history plays a vital role in museums. A civilization can be recorded and remembered regardless of the future through proper recording and storage of artifacts. In the museum, the diverse ethnic contexts can also be shared and learned. For those who do not care about the influence of museums as readers of the site, such entities often appear to be simply sites where lost objects can spend the last years of their lifetime. However, despite this, the museum needs to be seen today to be more significant than ever. The modest museum can represent and influence our culture from discussing the major social problems to changing our way of viewing the future. Many people even do not realize that Why are museums so important? Let us consider the significance of the museum firstly.

Importance of Museum

Culture Education

The most important significance of museums is cultural education. To ensure that society is respected and globalized, people in the majority culture need to be trained in minority communities and their way of life. The easiest approach is by displaying local culture in a museum in a respectful manner. The lack of identity suddenly declines, with an educated community that supports minority communities. Also, museums are a great place for children to enjoy and understand. They provide realistic instruction with professional workers and visual aids that maintain every child’s focus and can probably give you more tips about how to integrate practical learning into the curriculum of your child after you leave.

Connection of Different Backgrounds

Heritage- and culture-oriented museums draw audiences together and build a support network for numerous minorities and organizations. Networks such as these are assisted to discourage the extinction of cultures and the death of languages. Museums and their employers are necessary to stop the destruction of culture and language. This failure happens when the society of the minority feels lower or less valuable and seeks to make its children like the dominant one.

Bringing the Communities Together

Museums have the authority to establish solidarity on a social and political level as well as at a local level. By sharing a common heritage, local museums will give a sense of culture and place and give you a fine way of learning about the history of a specific region. With technology and digitality rapidly globalized, institutions like these provide a welcoming reminder of the successes and discoveries that are closer to home and bring together cultures. Through cultural gatherings, seminars and lectures, museums can also pull people together more simply.

About Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is the only museum you would like to see on your Dubai trips in the United Arab Emirates. In September 2018, the Illusions Museum Dubai opened its doors, but after it opened in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015, the franchise has been a curious tourist around the world. The museum of Dubai, owned by Mohammed Al Wahaibi, is the largest yet in the 9-way portfolio of the brand and is based in the Middle East, in Muscat, Oman. Guests will enjoy over 80 illusions, telling guests how awesome math, psychology, physics, and biology can be.

You can see a great deal of the economic and social change that has been taking place through the years while visiting the museum. For children, it is guaranteed to surprise and encourage their imaginations to be crazy when adults are serious about children’s games and find photographic contents in the Master Illusions, Grand Illusions, and Optical illusions types. Unlike other classical museums, visitors to the Museum of Illusions Dubai are invited to interact in their visual, sense, and instructional adventures and to take as many photographs as possible.

Museum of Illusions

Dubai is nothing short of an illusion with all its splendor; most times you will glance at the sights and never really believe your mind. The museum of illusions Dubai is invited by the City that mainly contributes to its exhaustive catalog of wonders. The largest Dubai edition to date with 80 more immersive exhibits is an expansion of the multinational museum chain that first launched in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2015. It is to deceive your mind, to test your senses, to feed your imagination, to teach yourself, and to scare you as nothing seems.

You can save yourself safely from the entrance to the museum and avoid being in the lengthy queues. As soon as you reach the Illusions Museum, be prepared to witness the breathtaking optical illusion phenomena. The museum has many optical illusions and holographs and nothing, at first sight, is as plain. You will have hundreds of pictures of yourself in the Infinity Suite, thank you to several high-level mirrors in the room. True to her word, you feel like you’re in the center of an infinite vacuum. In the Ames space, you can see how a person can expand or decrease by walking back and forth.

Why Museum of Illusions?

A team of highly trained designers and architects from Croatia used their know-how along with physics, mathematics, genetics, and psychology to fool the eyes and minds. The illusion museum Dubai exhibit is in three categories: Master Illusions, Great Illusions, and Visual Illusions. The museum, built for all ages, gives guests the ability to engage in shows and to click tones of photographs. The 450 m2 site contains attractions such as the Vortex-Tunnel, the Illusion-Chair, the gravity-defying sloping hall, the Infinity Room, and the Ames Room. They also have information on the consequences of the science behind them. The Dubai Illusion Museum is a must-attend, although amazing for residents and tourists, rather than something that’s displayed in Dubai or elsewhere.

Inside Illusion Museum Dubai

Optical Illusions

The museum walls contain a series of beautiful photographs that use color, light, and shapes to trick your mind into performing tricks. Only look at them for a little longer than 30 seconds and you’ll see stuff change, shrink, vanish, and not. The recently opened Museum of Illusions in Dubai, with its mind-twisting illusions and its tricks hard to believe in sorcery, is a source of mystery to tourists.

It is an international museum chain that first opened in Croatian Zagreb in 2015, and is the biggest version of the Museum of the Illusions, with over 80 immersive displays that are intended to test people’s perceptions and thoughts. Opposite the world around the globe makes viewers doubt if the world around them is going backward to believe an image pulsating on the wall.

Exhibition Journey

Many people become confused about What is inside Dubai Museum? One of the exhibition’s main highlights is the gravity defiant sloping room and the Ames room where a person retreats, and a different person rises in size due to the venue. You will feel optimistic in the universe, which will confuse you but will also teach you. You will experience the contemporary delusions on every corner of the Dubai Illusions Museum. The Museum of illusions in Dubai takes you on a fun journey through unexplored illusions which pleases all generations.

The Museum of Illusions in Dubai is an entertainment event. The museum of illusion tickets for Dubai, is the best spot for something new and fun with friends or family because you know why? It is not just a spot for kids; it is available to everyone for fun and learning.

Vortex Tunnel

The Vortex Tunnel is a perceptual rotating tunnel that challenges the sense of equilibrium by tricking the brain to assume that the surface travels steady and smooth. Other illusionary displays in full scale include those that encourage viewers to see numerous clones of themselves and the Infinity Room that allows people to walk in loops through endless corridors around an infinite space. Numerous optical illusions, such as the “Black Dot” vision, can be seen on these walls.

Dine at the clone table or head on the dish, witness the visions concealed behind these exhibits. That’s not going to bore you, we bet. You will end up either seated at the same table with five clones of yourself or with your head on the tray.

Rotating rooms

Rooms are built just like you would step on the rotated space walls or avoid the gravity or perceptual rules. Experience all of this by taking as many wonderful images of yourself in all poses. Find a little boy on the chair illusion as it lets you test the rules of interpretation by playing your sense of perspective. Do not neglect to hand you a brilliant optical illusion home. We wage you won’t know whether you’re on the smooth or sloping surfaces. You wouldn’t believe how fun this attraction would have if you’re out. Ok, everything else is okay, but you won’t believe your eyes with the Dubai Museum of Illusions.

Entry Tickets to the Museum

After reading all the exhibitions at the museum in Dubai, everyone wants to know that how much is the entrance fee in Dubai Museum? You will join a thrilling world of magic and tricks after entering the museum. You will also witness with these tickets the neurological phenomena of optical illusions. The Dubai Ticket Prize is AED 63 for adults and AED 47 for girls. You can enter a fascinating visual and instructional experience with this reservation.

You can pick the operation on our website for online reservations, acquire by clicking the button ‘book now.’ Once you have made a purchase, an immediate confirmation will be sent to you within 20-45 minutes. Your booking coupon will be sent to you. Please display the verified ticket with a correct photo ID on your cell phone on the premises.

Opening Timings of the Museum

Regarding the Dubai museum timings, it will remain open from 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday to Wednesday. While on Thursday to Saturday, it remains open from 10 am to 12 midnight. Valet parking is also available there at AED 50 per hour, but free parking is also available. There’s an optical illusion or interactive games at the entrance to the museum, which also can provide adults with the challenge. The Museum is a whole indoor experience that makes it one of Dubai’s finest experiences for family members. The production of Al Seef weights restaurants and entertainment to keep you occupied after you visited the Museum of Illusions.

How to Reach there?

In Al Seef town, near Dubai Creek, the Illusions Museum is located. It can be reached both from Deira which is known as Old Dubai and from Bur Dubai. The metro from Bur Dubai is 1 km that is 5 minutes away from the museum to the Metro Al Fahidi stop. The museum is about 17 kilometers from Jumeirah Beach which is 30 minutes distance away and is situated roughly 8 kilometers from Dubai International Airport if you prefer to go by taxi.

However, The Deira side is 6-kilometer which is 15 minutes from the Illusion Museum, you can take the subway to Baniyas Square. You can either take a cab from there or hire a water taxi (water taxi) which will cross the creek easily for a nominal AED 20 fee. When you come from Sharjah, depending on your path you will go from Al Maktoum Bridge, Company Bay Bridge, Shaikh Zayed Road, or Shindaga Tunnel.

An Afternoon In Illusion Museum Dubai

Whilst the UAE houses several museums which highlight the history, culture, and art of the nation, the Museum of Illusions is different in the sense that any installation visitor will take part in and participate in. You can stand upside down, shrink down or become a giant. This is an attraction suited for a fun visit to the entire family and friends.

The staff said that if we passed over each field we would take at least 45 minutes. We invested nearly 1.5 hours total. The museum is a wonderful location for children in particular. We want to thank and share our gratitude for the helpful Filipino workers during our tour, but also for the fun for adults during check out. Regarding the personal experience, Particularly to Mae, who volunteered to support us proactively when a certain place was puzzled. She offered to take our photographs instantly and showed us what is unique about any illusion.

Tips before Visiting there

The museum is open every hour for entry into sessions. The easiest way to call or search the website and understand the numerous sessions is to wait for a while outside, and then let them in. The museum has a small shopping center where games and small models of its optical illusions are sold. If you liked the tour of the museum and want to bring home something, that is certainly the place to go shopping. You can purchase objects from their 90+ selections, including instructor toys, a T-Shirt, or even a notebook for the Illusions Museum. Since the Museum of Illusions is absolutely inside the house, this is a perfect alternative for visiting Dubai for one of the hotter days.

Exhibits at Illusion Museum Dubai

The Illusions Museum facilitates engagement with objects, as opposed to most museums. You are directed from room to room for about an hour and are allowed to take advantage of any exhibit.

Photo Illusions at Museum

We’re all guilty of pinching on the top of the Eiffel Tower, at least once in our lives, with illusionist frames. Dubai Illusion Museum presents endless culpable and enviable images in the Wonderland theme of Alice which are levitating, diminishing, or oversized.

Hologram at Illusions Museum

Holograms are 3D illusory images. The Dubai Edition is proudly home to the largest hologram collection, ranging from holographic images to horror grams to images, which can be seen and vanished before your eyes to images that turn from one type to another.

Stereogram at Illusions Museum

An image in an image is a stereogram. In each odd 2D image, the three-dimensional image puzzle has a hidden 3D object. Only if you look correctly will you discover the 3D image. It can take an effort to grasp what is concealed in these photographs.

The Mirage at Illusions Museum

One of the most common phenomena is the Mirage. You can’t visit the desert and the idea remains the same beyond the boundaries of the museum. And after you attempt to capture the projected object, it will look and sound like a genuine 3D object.

Head on Platter at Illusions Museum

An illusion is developed so beautifully that even though you know where the rest of your body is, it’s always a mystery to see you on the disk. Imagine that the magicians muse and offer up their heads for a cool headshot.

Ames Room at Illusions Museum

The picturesque yet normal room is mostly deformed to produce an impressive optical illusion. You are either a giant or a dwarf depending on the corner of the space you want to stand on. You grow or decrease your respective size as you switch back and forth. The Ames Room offers a beautiful atmosphere, in which everyone seems to be rising or diminishing depending on where in the room they are, making this one of Dubai’s most meaningless spots.

Chair Illusions at Museum

It was made inspired by the illusion of the Chairman psychologist Jean Beuchet, it helps you to investigate the rules of thought through your sense and perspective. Click from the right corner to take a brilliant image illusion that has a tiny figure seated on a chair in simplified terms.

Anti-gravity Room at Illusions Museum

This anti-gravity room defies the principles of physics masterfully as the balls roll up and water bubbles upwards. Currently, you cannot grasp whether you stand on a sloping or smooth plain. You will be snapped by this room, even if you guess the trick behind it.

Other Exhibits at Illusions Museum Dubai

The above-mentioned exhibitions are just part of the fantastic encounters at the Illusion Museum. Keep an eye on the Clone and Anti Gravity Space and must take note. In addition to these, you would be delighted with a lot of fascinating optical illusions, holograms, and illusions. All the shows are interactive, allowing a special museum experience, one of Dubai’s most enjoyable experiences.


The museum is a wonderful educational and eye-opening experience for all classes and ages, ideal to entertain the entire family. Guests will engage, take pictures and chuckle at any sweaty attractions. Many are to be found, with several taking Instagram because of different illusions. Jump back into the fun of Vortex Tunnel, which lets you believe the earth is rotating or gaze at the Mirror Room in a different luminaire. The screens have unreal Insta worthy shots and guarantee that your screen loads up in advance. The museum will also be used for special occasions and there is a gift shop to drive you home with tricks.

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