A Guide to Museum of the Future Dubai

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An architectural masterpiece is taking shape alongside Sheikh Zayed Road. The eye-shaped building encapsulates the height of Dubai’s ambition to become the forerunner of future technology. Museum of Future, currently in its last phase of completion, is set to open for the Expo 2020.

In 2018, the museum was opened to a select group of guests. Since then, the work has continued at an even faster pace. The theme of Expo 2020 will be sustainability and growth, and the Museum of the Future is going to be the centerpiece of the expo. 

Museum of the Future – Curating the future of Dubai

The motto of the museum is ‘See the future, create the future’. It will provide the visitors the chance to interact with the future. Although there are many science museums in the world, the Museum of the Future will be very different from all of them. Cutting edge technology to ensure the ultimate immersive experience.

The museum will display promising concepts that have the potential to influence the way we live. The museum will help motivate the young generation to explore and aim high. A generation motivated to innovate will carry the nation forward. In every aspect, the Museum of the Future is a huge investment and a step in the right direction.

The futuristic prospects of the museum start with its design. It is the most complex architectural construction Dubai has seen to date. The torus shapes building with a large void in the middle proved to be challenging to build.

An architectural milestone

The fact that this relatively small construction (in a land of the tallest skyscraper) is taking so long to build is a testimony to the complexity of the construction. In a museum dedicated to technology, the biggest of all will be the construction of the museum itself. The museum will be 78 meters tall once completed.

The design of the museum has been finalized as early as 2015. But conventional building methods could not be used for this complex project. To make it possible, the museum had to be built on a steel frame. The original structure has more than 2400 steel members.

The facade of the museum has beautiful Arabic architecture from top to bottom on both sides. Stainless steel and fiberglass were used to make the facade to keep the weight to a minimum. The design and development of the stainless steel panels took so much experimentation because of the complex calligraphy and detailing. 

The calligraphy features inspirational quotes by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The museum wouldn’t have been possible if not for modern technology. No wonder that it had won several awards even before its completion.

Dubai Future Foundation

The Museum of the Future is a project under the Dubai Future Foundation. And it is the most ambitious of their projects. There are several other future projects by the foundation, including the rebuilding of the Palmyra Arch.

Significance of the Museum of the Future

This place will lead the technological development in Dubai for years to come. The museum will work as a common platform for scientists and visionaries over different fields of science and technology to showcase and share their ideas to create a brighter future.

The museum deals with developing technologies for future development to solve problems in climate change, healthcare, and many other fields. The main idea behind the museum project is the overhauling of human life and not just to show off impressive and flashy gadgets. Advancements in popular fields like artificial intelligence and augmented reality will also be a part of the project, though.

The vision of the Museum of the Future

The museum will focus its attention on two main areas.

1.Development of artificial intelligence

 The invention of computers changed the course of human history. Artificial intelligence, once fully developed, will have a similar impact on humanity. We can escape all the repetitive chores and spend our time on more productive things. 

This will radically change the way we live and catapult the progress to unimaginable frontiers. Being the frontiers of this technology will help the nation to be the center of world progress.

2.Enabling the interaction between the digital and humans

All of us have used virtual assistants on our phones. How would it be if they can do a lot more than setting your alarm and sending an iMessage, but only a hundred times better? Yep, that’s one of the fields in which the Museum of the Future will pioneer the robotics technology. It will help the elderly and those who need constant care.

Museum of the Future opening date

It was to be opened by the end of 2019. But the date was pushed back to 2020. Anyway, the museum will be open before EXPO 2020 and will be the centerpiece of the event. 

But a few invited groups of guests of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid got a preview of the museum offering in 2018. The timings and the entry fee of the museum are not yet out.

Location of the Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future is right next to the Emirates Towers — a high-end business hotel in Dubai — on Sheikh Zayed Road. Because of its prime location next to the main artery of Dubai, the place has excellent connectivity with the metro and public buses, as well. 

The nearest metro station to the museum is Emirates towers. There will be a footbridge connecting the museum to the metro station. Another bridge will connect the museum to the Emirates towers.

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