Reasons to Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

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Dubai is a land full of wonders. There is the tallest building in the world, one of the largest shopping malls, the largest artificial island; and the list goes on. In the middle of this desert, there is also the largest flower garden in the world. They have rightly name it the Dubai Miracle Garden. Not only because it is the largest of its kind in the world, but also for the fact that they made it in the hot dry desert.

The miracle garden is a winter attraction in Dubai. It opens its gate to visitors between November and March and closes to prepare itself for the next season during the summers. Every year when it opens for a new season, it comes with some record-breaking feat. 

The park changes every year. All the floral patterns are redesigned every year except for a few of them. The park has amazing floral patterns in 2d and 3d arrangements. It was first opened in February of 2013. It is season 8 in 2019- 2020.

The garden is in Dubailand, which is a nascent entertainment district in Dubai, near the Sports City. The wondrous Dubai Miracle Garden is spread over an area of 72000 square meters. Therefore, it is ranked among the top 30 places to visit in Dubai.

Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden

Emirates Boeing A380

This was one of the record-breaking structures in the miracle garden. The life-sized floral arrangement that replicates the largest airplane in the fleet of Emirates airlines is awe-inspiring and also has its name in the Guinness book of records. This one alone took 500,000 flowers and four months to complete. But there is no doubt that effort really paid off.

Trampoline park

There is a trampoline park inside the garden with 12 custom made trampolines. But the entry to the trampoline park is not covered in the ticket price. This is a great place for the kids to have fun.

Disney Avenue

Meet your favorite Disney characters here. Specifically, those from the house of mouse.

Hearts Passage

This is the most photographed section of the Dubai Miracle garden. Thousands of couples take pictures here every day. The hearts passage is formed by the flowers that forms the top half of the heart. Although the whole garden carries a sweet smell, this spot is especially so.

Floral Castle

There are numerous floral houses in the garden. In the middle of the park, there is even a large floral palace. Floral houses were an intrinsic part of the garden, even from the 2014 season onwards. 

The Amphitheater

There is a pretty decent sized amphitheater covered in flowers in the garden. This amphitheater is not just a showpiece, though. It is also a popular venue for cultural and entertainment performances on weekends. If you are lucky, you might catch some shows here.

The Eiffel Tower

There is a replica of the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. The Eiffel tower being a loved destination for romantic couples, there is no wonder why this ought to be part of the miracle garden. 

Umbrella Roof

Yet another passage in the garden. This decoration has been a part of the garden ever since the first season. The umbrella passage has many small food kiosks to stop for light snacks if you are getting tired of all the walking.

Floral Clock

The dial of this 15 meters clock is colorful flowers. Flowers of different colors mark the hour positions. A peacock and its tail form the circle of the clock. 

The Mickey Mouse

This is another of the many Guinness record holders in the garden. The topiary of the mickey mouse is a part of the Disney avenue and is the holder of the record for the world’s largest topiary structure’. This was installed in the park for the 2018- 2019 season.

The whole structure contains 100,000 flowers and weighs 35 tonnes. The statue is fixed on top of the 50-ton concrete foundation and is supported by a 7-tonne steel frame. 

Visiting the Dubai Miracle garden

There are so many reasons for you to visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai. This place is a lot more than a typical par despite the fact that there is ample space here to have a day out with your family. Miracle garden is the only place where you can enjoy the sight and smell of millions of flowers at the same time. Just looking at the green makes your mind calm and peaceful.

Add to it that the flower garden is in the middle of the desert. And that it is the largest in the world. A visit to the miracle garden is a chance to see numerous Guinness record holders at the same time in the same place. The list of the record starts from the park itself.

The Miracle Garden has been recognized with other awards, including the Moselle Award and Garden Tourism Award. There is no doubt that a visit to the garden is worth it. Even if you have seen it once, you can see more attractions for the next season.

Attractions near Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly garden sits right next to the miracle garden. Like the miracle garden, this one also has a few records under its belt. It is the largest butterfly garden in the world, with over 15,000 from 26 different varieties. 

The butterfly garden is housed inside nine domes that stretch over an area of 1800 square meters with climate control for these insects to thrive. Seeing all those different colors of butterflies is really marvelous. You can hold them in your hand. And take pictures with them. If you have any questions regarding them, there are guides to help you out.

Unlike the miracle garden, the butterfly garden receives visitors year-round from 9 AM to 6 PM. Although it shares space with the Miracle Garden, the entry to the butterfly park requires a separate ticket. The ticket price is the same as the miracle garden.

The Global Village

If you want to visit the whole world in one go, then you should go to the global village. It is only a 15 minutes drive away from the miracle garden. The entree price is also low, with tickets available at 15 Dhs. Because it is an outdoor destination, the global village is a winter phenomenon. 

The Global village has a significant place in the list of winter attractions in Dubai. On weekends you often find the place crowded for all the right reasons. Every year, the place is open to tourists from the later half of October with the onset of winter. The best time to visit is definitely in the evening. After the sunset, all the colorful lights add a festive atmosphere to the place.

IMG World of Adventures

The largest indoor theme park in the world is right next to the global village. And probably the best of all in Dubai. The park is conveniently located right next to the Global village. All you have to do is to take a different exit and voila! You are there. This is the only theme park in the UAE that features characters from Marvel movies and cartoon network. 

IMG world of adventures is a popular summertime destination because spending time in outdoor areas is difficult during the daytime in summer months. As it is mentioned before, the miracle garden and the global village are off-limits in summer. SO if you are out for some fun here and it is not winter, you should consider going to IMG World.

Dubai Miracle Garden opening hours and ticket price


From 9 AM to 9 PM ( From Sunday to Thursday)
From 9 AM to 11 PM (on Friday and Saturday)

Ticket price:

For adults: 55 Dhs
For children: 40 Dhs (All prices are inclusive of VAT)

Entree is free for children younger than three and for the people of determination.

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