Butterfly Garden Dubai


Fact: Dubai is home to the largest manmade butterfly garden where more than 15000 butterflies of 26 various kinds live, breed, and enjoy a protected life!

Dubai Butterfly Garden is part of the world-famous Dubai Miracle Garden. It is fully indoor. The Butterfly Garden is housed within 10 domes. There is a huge butterfly shape that welcomes you to this park and once you go inside, you will find butterflies of various colors. The path to Dubai Butterfly Garden is full of artificial butterflies bedecked with flowers. The path tells you that you have arrived at the world’s most unique home for these fluttery friends. The Butterfly Garden is a natural outcome of the Dubai Miracle Garden which is home to millions of natural flowers. Flowers attract bees and butterflies for their nectar and shelter, the two most important factors already available in the abundance.

The Butterfly Garden – Gallery cum Museum

Butterflies are the most loved insects. They are beautiful, colorful, and completely harmless. SO, when you enter the Butterfly Garden, the first thing you will see is a gallery of artwork that is inspired by the butterflies. There is also a massive collage made from hundreds of butterflies. This collage is personally done and donated by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. There are many more attractive arts that are on display in the gallery.

Dr. Ayman Ahmad, project manager of Dubai Butterfly garden states that Dubai has Miracle Garden which is well known all over the world. But the garden is only open between November to March as the outdoor Miracle Garden cannot sustain itself when the temperature soars past 35 degrees. The garden is closed to visitors and yearly maintenance starts. Hence, it needed something else to have visitors come to the garden throughout the year. The answer to this was something exotic and something that is indoor and still close to nature. That is when the famed Butterfly Garden was conceptualized. The temperature of Dubai also played an important part. The research shows that butterflies survive best in temperatures close to 24 degrees to 28 degrees. That was impossible to achieve outdoors. Hence, inside the domes, the temperature is kept at a comfortable 24 degrees and slow-mo. the wind is also generated through mild blowers. It was very important to mimic the entire outdoor environment indoor, so says Mr. Ayman.

The Butterfly Garden and its Secrets

There is a nice beaded curtain that leads you to the garden of butterflies. At first, you will be very taken in by the fact that you won’t find any butterfly at all. You would find trailing ivy and spiraling floral arrangements from ceiling to floor. You are still looking for the elusive butterflies. Then it happens! Lo and behold, you are suddenly transported into a land of butterflies. Everywhere you see, you will only find butterflies. On flowers, on leaves, and all around you.

The experience of finding so many butterflies of different colors and different sizes is exhilarating. But the best is yet to come. The Butterfly Garden wanted to give you an immersive experience with butterflies. So, as you walk past the dome, you would see netted gazebos where you can actually hold these butterflies and take selfies with them. This experience is again unique as nowhere else in the world, you will get the experience of holding butterflies and looking at these beautiful insects so closely. They are so utterly harmless and innocent!

The entire Butterfly Garden has a simulation of nature and hence when you are sitting on a gazebo with your family, you would find various flower arrangements, birdcalls (of course no birds here!) and lush green surrounding. It is a great family edutainment destination as the staff there will explain to you about the butterflies, their variety, their habitat, and their hatching habitats. You will be amazed to see the real transformation of life; from a larva to a beautiful and colorful butterfly, right in front of you.

The 9 domes of Butterfly Garden are so created to ensure plenty of sun into the garden. The sunrays are very healthy for butterflies and you will find a lot of butterflies right at the top of the domes. You go from one dome to another and the only constant is the butterflies whizzing past you. Inviting you to catch them and hold them. The Butterfly Garden designers have tried to create a lot of natural elements including water bodies, hills, flower gardens, and grassland. All this is to recreate the actual abode of butterflies right in the desert.

While we visited, I saw a lot of people carefully walking and minding their steps so that they don’t hurt any butterflies. However, there were others who had let their children run wild behind butterflies. All around the Butterfly Garden, it is clearly written that you should not run, not disturb, and deliberately hold them in a way that would kill them. Butterflies are very sensitive and delicate insects and the visitors must observe the rules properly.

The Butterfly Garden is our chance to appreciate nature. They are an important part of our biosystem. Butterflies are responsible to take seeds from flowers and disperse them so that we have natural greenery and color. In the context of today’s world where we see less and less of nature and how it works, conservation efforts such as this MUST be appreciated.


There is a very nice pond inside Dome 2. This Japanese style pond has hundreds of KOI fish of all colors and sizes. This is an excellent place to shop and take pictures. KOI fish add a new dimension to the Butterfly Garden. The slowly moving water of the pond soothe your nerves and a lot of visitors spend time near the KOI fish pond. 


To add education to the young ones, there is a huge screen and when we reached there, we found an animation movie on the life cycle of a butterfly. The animation was very informative and absorbing. The voice-over is English as well as Arabic.  It also showed the characteristics of various butterflies and how to tell them apart.


The butterfly Garden has covered you well for dining also. It has food kiosks that serve delicious candy, chocolates, and sweets as well as coffee and tea. For kids, it has got fresh fruits as well as fruit juices. There is also a Starbucks Coffee shop to soothe your hunger pangs.

Location and Tickets

The Butterfly Garden is open from 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

The ticket to Butterfly Garden is Aed 55 for adults and kids above 3 years. Young ones below 3 years enter free.

It is located inside Miracle Garden Dubai and the best way to go there is to hire a cab as we had done. A drive from Karama to Butterfly Garden would cost you Aed 70. Another way is to take Redline Metro and get down at Mall of the Emirates and take Bus no. F30 and F36. These are feeder buses hence no ticket.

Rule and Regulations

·         You cannot bring your food and beverages

·         Pets are not allowed

·         Children need to be supervised by the elders always

·         Enter to restricted areas is strictly prohibited

·         Butterflies are not be grabbed and hurt in any manner

·         You must not throw litters as it is punishable and also harmful to the butterflies

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