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Have you ever imagined that the ubiquitous containers that you see lying around the ports, warehouses, and yards could become a unique shopping complex and a favorite destination for tourists and for high street brands? Well, Dubai has just done it! Meraas has developed a unique leisure destination in Dubai that is made exclusively from containers that are placed, re-decked interior-wise, and juxtaposed with each other to build a quirky new tourist destination, on the high living street of Jumeirah 2.

The concept of Boxpark, a high street pop mall, came from London, UK. There are 3 of them, and each of them is highly successful. There was a huge requirement to have a quick-to-build and easy-to-operate informal shopping and activity destination to pull in a young, millennial crowd. The operation has so far been successful.

In Dubai, the Boxpark is built and operated by Meraas and is ideally located next to the new Dubai Canal leisure destination. It is almost spread on the two-kilometer stretch of the Al Wasl Road. The Boxpark has given the whole area a new pizzazz. With some of the best-known brands choosing to come to Boxpark, Dubai signifies their confidence in the next concept.

Boxpark Dubai has very added attraction. It is quite pet-friendly. This location, in particular, has got manty vet shops to cater to sick dogs, cats, and various other animals. There are various shops that are dedicated to selling animals and pets and even offering dog food, cat food, etc. Thus, it is a unique destination in Dubai for pet owners; a must-go-to to make your pet’s life that much better. It has got many open sky restaurants so that you dine while enjoying the many street sights. It has many different props to give it a very funky look, and shops here sell something different, such as something trendy and something edgy.

The interiors of Box Park Dubai is modern, colorful, and ultra-chic. It is specifically designed for shopaholics who are done with typical shopping malls, the A/C, the stuffiness, and these people desperately need a change of scene. The palm-lined street of Boxpark Dubai is lit in the night, transforming into a hip-n-happening place, a boulevard of dreams. Box Park has become a favorite tourist destination due to this.  

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment, all from refitted shipping containers provide the visitors and shoppers an interesting go-to destination. The look of the place appeals to tourists. It has various brands that sell their goods.

Shopping in Box Park Dubai

Shopping in Box Park Dubai is a wonderful, enriching, and a unique experience that feels like a breath of fresh air from the typical shopping malls. Like most shopping complexes in Dubai, Box Park Dubai has many brands as well as independent shops to whet your shopping appetite. 

As per the current listing by Meraas, following shopping attractions are available;

Adidas originals – Sportswear

Nike – Sportswear

QKO Asian Market – Famous Japanese and Korean Food and Nonfood Market that stores stuff directly imported Japan and Korea. Its tea and gluten-free rice snacks are highly popular.

Orchestra Megastore – Dubai headquartered retailer for musical instruments and pro-audio equipment that is committed to give you a unique in-store experience. If you are a DJ or someone who sees music more than just a hobby, then head to Box Park Dubai.

Fine Blooms – Of you want to say everything through flowers but do not know how, then Fine Bloom at Meraas could help you. It has experts who arrange flowers sourced from all over the globe and give expression to what you are feeling. Fine bloom is a florist like no other.

Geant Express – Grocers. You would find almost everything that you need for the mundane daily requirements. Well! Almost everything and for the rest, you should head to Carrefour, just across the street.

Hola Bebe – It is new startup retail for babies and young ones. Age group 0 to 12. Gender – Either and style – chic and beautiful.

House of Prose – Second Hand Bookstore – If you have a book-bite, then you must check out this. Old books, dog eared books, and books that your father would have read. Just lounge here with a book, they won’t mind. If you want to exchange your books, they will oblige happily.

Type – Gifting ideas and items from the UK chain.

Urbanist – Give your home a new twist, courtesy Urbanist. It has everything, from Furnishing, Home décor to trendy jewelry. A visit will surely give your house a new vibe.

BinSinai Pharmacy- Sells high-quality medicines.

Ghawane – Arabic tailors that do marriage dresses, trendy Abaya and Sheila, etc.

Scorpion smoking requisitions – everything that has to do with smoking.

The art of Optics

Chocoban – 100% organic chocolates that melt in your mouth.

Dining in Box Park

Boxpark Dubai offers you plenty of dining options. Most dining cafes and restaurants have inside and outdoor dining facilities. The tastefully decorated dining areas are mostly informal. Box Park Dubai’s dining experience can be defined as street food with silver service. The dining options in Box Park cater to the foodie in all of us. It offers a roller-coaster ride for your taste buds that is unique and enriching, thanks to the courtesy of the following restaurants;

Big Smoke Burger – Unique gourmet burger concept where the burgers are flame-broiled and use traditional Canadian sauce poutine.

McDonald – Your ever friendly, classic, omniscient, and efficient burger outlet.

Saddle – Gourmet pastry and sandwich place.

Love Mhshy – It is Middle Eastern Delights, and the menu features skewers and baby bites. There is an array of mini salads, mini sandwiches, and stuffed veggie burgers, which the regulars recommend highly. The food here is mostly gluten-free. The shawarma, shish taouk, kebab, kasat, and Fattah are huge hit also. The serving dishes and equally beautiful.

Logma – In Arabic, it means mouthful. This Emirati inspired restaurant serves up delightful dishes and cuisines. Dip into the savories of Logma and enjoy the Khaleeji taste. As their website states, “Logma-لقمة [Arabic for “mouthful”] is a generous invitation to bite into the UAE and Khaleeji delicious culinary treasures in a friendly and authentic ambiance that mirrors Dubai’s flair for combining the traditional with the contemporary.” It is a highly-visited favorite of customers.

Just Salad – What is unique here? How about if we let out the secret that it has been awarded for its commitment to the UAE environment? Well, apart from doing its bit for the environment, it is also serving a wide variety of salads, wraps, and much more. It re-usable environment-friendly blue bowl is now a legend

Grom Gelato – This is where your last course of dining at Box Park Dubai should end. It is heavenly to bite into the thick creamy gelato from Italy and, as they say, served in Dubai with love and the very best ingredients from all over the world.

Starbucks – The iconic Coffee shop needs no further description further. Just relax in their outdoor chairs with your fav latte.

Gossip the Café _ The Emirati-owned-home-grown café is fastidiously organic and serves up very tasty deserts. The interior is simple and apt for kicking up gossip with your pals.

Entertainment in Box Park

Box Park Dubai has Roxy Cinema, a unique cinema experience with plush seats (the best in Dubai) and boutique services such as meal orders, footstools, blankets, and of course, headrests. It is an arty place for watching art movies, documentaries as well as open to events of your choice. You can even order your own cinema and watch it with your pals or family members. Box Park is a truly all-in-one tourist destination.

Box Park also has a fun and activity area for adults. There are various escape rooms located in Boz Park, and each escape room is designed for small groups, and it is full of adventures. Each adventure room is open for 60 minutes, and it is a fun, new entertainment concept and is the biggest of its kind in the Middle East. Each Escape Room is a real-life adventure game designed for small groups. It is a great edutainment for adults and also ideal for team-work training and team-building training.

For ladies and girls, there is Nayomi, where you pamper yourself with an exotic beauty treatment.

During the winters, there are plenty of activities like the outdoor Box Park organizes street art festival, Dubai, where any kid from 4 to 12 years can unleash his or her creative side. It is lit up beautiful lights in the night. Shoppers with a minimum Aed 100/= are allowed inside without any extra cost.


Opened in 2015, Dubai Box Park is located in Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah. It is located close to another popular tourist destination, the Dubai Canal itself. It is also in close proximity to the famous Jumeriah Beach.


The timings of Dubai Boxpark are as follows;

  • Friday : 10AM–12AM
  • Saturday : 10AM–12AM
  • Sunday : 10AM–10PM
  • Monday : 10AM–10PM
  • Tuesday : 10AM–10PM
  • Wednesday : 10AM–10PM
  • Thursday : 10AM–12AM

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