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Parks in Dubai – A Complete Guide

Numerous parks in Dubai let you escape the heat and the fast-moving life of Dubai. From one end to the other, stretching from Mamzar to Jebel Ali, you will find at least one park to hang out and have fun with your family and kids.

Here is a list of all the major parks in Dubai.

Mushrif Park, Mirdif, Dubai

Mushrif Park is one of the oldest parks in Dubai. Opened back in 1074, this is also the largest park in Dubai by area. Rather than a picnic park, Mushrif is a place where you can enjoy the greenery, natural vegetation, and streams that are not very common in the desert. The Mushrif park is more of a natural reserve than a picnic park. There are many more things to do in Dubai than visiting parks for tourists and residents.

Mushrif Park, Mirdif, Dubai

Thanks to its large area, there are 70000 trees, 5-kilometer cycling, jogging tracks, a swimming pool half the size of an Olympic swimming pool, many basketball courts, and football grounds. Some roads run through the park. How will we get from one place to another in this incredibly colossal park?

The park is located amidst a forest of ghaf trees, and the Aventura adventure park extends the Mushrif park. It is among a handful of outdoor adventure parks. Choose anything from eighty-five different challenges to satiate the craving for adrenaline. However, tickets for the adventure park are separate from the park entrance fee.

Mushrif park

Apart from these, you can go for more relaxed activities like horse and camel riding or even get on a train that will take you around the park. And after the toy train ride, see the actual train. Yep, you have heard it right. The last surviving member of the fleet of trains used in Port Rashid’s building rests near the children’s play park in Mushrif park. You can see the blue wagon and see the rusted engine. Use the ramp if you want to get inside the driver’s cabin. If you wonder when a railway was ever in Dubai, that’s a story for another time.

Although not strictly a picnic park, there is a designated barbecue, a children’s playground, and a smurfs village. If you are in the mood for a picnic with family and friends, love lake Dubai is the best option.

Quranic Park

This is a recent park in Dubai. The one retells the stories narrated in the Quran and showcases the plants mentioned in the Quran. This is also a relatively large park. But the highlight of this one is not the park itself.

Quranic Park

The greenhouse and the garden in the Quranic park grow the plants mentioned in the Quran with information about each of them. The plants that need particular environments are produced inside the climate-controlled greenhouse.

greenhouse garden

As a metaphor for Moses’s slitting of the sea, the lake inside the park has a walkway in the middle. Right in the center, in both halves of the lake, some fountains shoot water about ten meters into the air. If it’s windy and you are walking through the walkway in between the lake, there is a high chance that you will get wet.

Safa Park Is One Of The Largest Parks In Dubai

This one was opened a year after the Mushrif park in 1975. Safa is one colossal park located near the central business centers in Dubai. Although the park is smaller than it once was because it has lost some of its areas for constructing the Dubai water canal, it still has its place among the largest parks in Dubai.

Safa Park

Safa Park is off the Sheikh Zayed Road, connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It has a nice view of the water canal. If that’s not enough, there is a large lake inside the park. Safa Park is beautiful with its landscaping, trees, birds, and lake. You can see the towering Burj Khalifa over the cityscape if you are towards the southern sky.

If you want to have your barbecue in the middle of a wealthy city, you should go to Safa Park.

Safa Park Playground

There are so many running tracks longer than the ones in Safa Park. But what draws the joggers to the 3.5 kilometers-long-running track around is the stunning view and the proximity to residential centers. Before moving to Zabeel Park, the Dubai flea market was in Safa Park. All these reasons make it the most popular park in the city.

Entree fee – 3 Dhs

Sun-Wed 8 am-10 pm

Thu-Sat 8 am-11 pm

A park that not many tourists know about. The park is enormous and covers 106 hectares.

Mamzar Beach Park

Most of those who visit Mamzar are ex-pat residents of Dubai and Sharjah because it is located just outside the border that Sharjah shares with Dubai. The park is at the mouth of Khor al Mamzar, a small lagoon connecting with the Arabian Gulf.

Mamzar Beach Park

Also, look for the arena. Something worth watching might be going on there in the winter months. Because of its size, you might need a bike to see around the park. You can rent a cabin or bike from the park’s kiosks even if you don’t have one.

There is a picnic area with grass lawns, barbecue stands, and benches. There are a dozen barbecue stands, so don’t worry about not getting one for yourself. Some park benches are smart, with built-in solar panels that charge up their batteries during the daytime.

Mamzar Beach Park dubai

With the lagoon’s view on one side and the beach on the other, Mamzar park is a rarity. Although Mamzar beach park is a public beach free for all, entrance to the park requires a ticket.

And if you are into skating, there is a concrete skating half pipe to try kickflips and ollies. 

Al Barsha Pond Park

A small yet beautiful park. As the name implies, there is an artificial lake here. It’s not as large as the one in Safa park, but still worth having. Covering the entire perimeter of the pond is a 1.5-kilometer-long cushioned track. Jogging around the lake amidst the greenery is a great way to start the day.

Al Barsha Pond Park

There is an open gym area with essential equipment, a bicycle rental, a basketball court, tennis courts, football grounds, a children’s play area with a bouncy castle, and a picnicking facility. So, for those living in the urban areas of Dubai, Al Barsha pond park is a great place to relax in the greenery and get in shape with all the facilities for exercising and sports. The entree to the park is free.

Creek Park

Creek park stretches from the Garhoud bridge to the floating bridge. Two bridges connect Deira and Bur Dubai across the creek. This is the leading and largest park in old Dubai. On the opposite side of the creek park, the Dubai Creek golf course is its sister.

Creek Park

The main highlight of creek park Dubai is the unbeatable view of the creek. The park is away from the markets and other busy parts of the city. The residents of Dubai frequent this park on their weekends for picnicking and barbecuing. Other attractions inside the park, like the Dubai dolphinarium, bird park, and al boom tourist village, are a big draw for tourists.

There are even a mini-golf course and a small go-kart track. Although there is no cushioned jogging track, a paved walkway runs along the creek. You can jog there if you don’t mind the hard concrete.

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is another one of the many parks in Dubai. A slew of things makes Zabeel park the most visited park in Dubai. It is located near the city’s major centers and off Sheikh Zayed road. The freeway cuts through right in the middle of the park. Connecting both the park is a kilometer-long footbridge.

Zabeel Park

On the park’s northern side is the famous and more recent landmark of Dubai, the Dubai frame. It has also become a modern, technology-driven recreation center in recent years. This is an outstanding specimen of integrating technology with nature. The favorite camping and outdoor BBQ site are Al Qudra Lake, a bit far from the city’s center.

The park is enormous, with two jogging track that runs along the perimeter of either section. Football and cricket grounds can be booked at the spot, barbecue areas, fitness centers, prayer halls, numerous washrooms, etc. The park serves those who want to have a family gathering. Restrooms are easily accessible, there is enough space for children to run around, and they can easily find a private area.

Zabeel Park Dubai

Dubai garden glow and Mega bowl are easily accessible from the park. The Dubai flea market, which was moved from Safa park, is hosted annually in Zabeel park during winter. To access the Dubai frame, you have to go through the park. There is a small restaurant at the base of the frame. You can pay with your NOL card to enter the park. If you do not have an NOL card, you can purchase one at the entrance. The entrance to the frame is with a separate ticket.

Rashidiya Park

Situated close to the Rashidiya metro station, this park has been along for a long time. And it shows that this is a great place to spend the evening with family. Many people come here to use the barbecue facility in the park.

Rashidiya Park

Ten years ago, the park was more significant than its present size. It lost some of its areas for the development of the Dubai metro. The park sits close to the southern end of Duba international airport. 

Surrounding the park are clusters of upscale residential districts. Because it sits amid villas away from busy streets, the usual visitors to this park are families. The children’s play area in the park has layered sand for safety and offers many options for young kids.

Rashidiya Park Dubai

You can easily visit this park even if you live a little far away from it. The park is only a few minutes from Rashidiya metro station, on the Dubai Metro Red Line. The entree to the park is free as well. But keep in mind that Wednesdays and Saturdays are only for ladies and kids.

Satwa Park

This park is located in a relatively busier, crammed part of Dubai called Satwa. The park is in a prime location next to the Sheikh Zayed road behind the Al Moosa towers and has green grass everywhere. You will find plenty of shades here. The Central Plaza inside the park is covered in palm trees and has a fountain. This spot is where you will find most people relaxing in the evening. It is such a great ambiance here.

Satwa Park

Apart from the spots for relaxing and enjoying the greenery, there are separate fenced areas for football, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. The football ground here can accommodate eleven teams and can be rented hourly. There is a rubberized jogging track along the perimeter of the park. That’s a lot for anyone looking for some physical activity.

It won’t be uncommon to see many school kids in the park if you are here on a weekday. There are quite a few schools in the area around the park. Excursions to Satwa Park are, therefore, typical. It also helps with an oversized playground designed for the kids and a Sun Clock that tells the old-fashioned way.

Satwa Park is a relatively large park. And have separate game areas for people of all ages. The park is an excellent escape from the busy neighborhood of Satwa to enjoy a quiet evening under the trees. Entry to the park is free.

Working Hours:

Sun-Wed, Saturday – 8:00 am to 11 pm

Thu, Fri – 8:00 am to 11:30 pm

Umm Sequim Park

This park’s main highlight is its location in Jumeirah, next to the famous wave-shaped Jumeirah beach hotel. The park is also close to Jumeriah beach and gives excellent views of the Jumeirah beach hotel and Burj Al Arab.

Umm Sequim Park

Jumeirah is a modern part of Dubai with many tourist attractions and upscale facilities. It is also a busy place. Umm Sequim park is a calm and green place for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city with family. The park’s primary focus is the families living around the area.

Only women and children are allowed in the park during weekdays. And on weekdays, men can only visit the park with their families. Besides the fact that it is easy to go to Jumeirah beach from the garden, the park provides a small beach inside its compound.

The park is suitable for spending a few hours with play areas and small cafes. The beach from the park leads to Burj Al Arab. The park meets high standards in its facilities despite its small size. There are jogging tracks and toilets for comfort. 

But if you are here for a weekend trip, you should be prepared to spend some time looking for a parking space, as both Umm Suqeim park and Jumeirah beach will be crowded.

Al Ittihad Park

This is the park we always wanted. Located on Palm Island, the park is particular for a few reasons. This one was opened as a part of the UAE’s national day celebrations in 2012. And also, it is right in the middle of the Palm’s trunk. The palm monorail has its rail passing through the park, and you can see them passing by every five minutes at intervals.

Al Ittihad Park

The word ‘Ittihad’ is an Arabic word for unity. The name immortalizes the memories of the country’s unification on a national day. Most of those who frequent this place are the residents of the luxury apartments nearby the park.

The park is vast and is spread across an area of 1.1 million square feet. And has a 3.2 kilometers jogging track lined by long stretches of palm trees and green grass. Unlike most parks, the Ittihad parks are long but relatively narrow. This is because of the shape of the land in which it is located.

The park has various regional plants, from deserts to mountains and valleys. Because each is labeled against their details, you can learn more about them. This is a good place for those who love nature and like to know about it.

Al Khazzan Park

This park was renovated and expanded in 2015 to reflect the development of other nearby attractions. Al Khazzan park is on the opposite side of the City Walk, a recent entertainment and shopping destination by Meraas. Today, Al Khazzan park is among the most technologically savvy spaces in the city. 

Al Khazzan Park

As parts of Safa park were taken by the Dubai water canal, the development of Al Khazzan was great news for the residents. The park gained popularity when Safa park was closed to construct the water canal.

The park uses the electricity generated from the solar panels fitted in the park itself. There is a water tank that soars 40 meters into the sky. This water tank had been a landmark of this place in the past decades before the taller skyscrapers conquered the skyline. It was built back in the 1980s.

After the revamp, there are many more Instagram-able spots in the park. This park also has play areas and shaded pavilions for just chilling. You may explore more places to visit in Dubai.