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Dubai is a spot full of many lovely attractions. Not unexpectedly, millions of tourists per year visit this vibrant town. Dubai is still thrilling right from the biggest malls to Dubai’s entertainment venues. Dubai is an excitement to all of the visitors who come. The position is just a miracle because many tourist destinations have an esthetic vision. Dubai Garden Glow is one of the top tourist attractions, especially if you want to make your night majestic. Dubai Garden Glow is one of the areas that you should like right now. One of the fascinations of Zabeel Park is the Dubai Glow Garden. The garden offers you the perfect chance to enjoy the artistic vision of the lights. After all, it’s like a show of magic especially in the garden, to look with a naked eye at all. It is necessary to have adequate knowledge of the place during the discussion of the Dubai Glow Garden, particularly if you want to visit it.

About Garden Glow Dubai

The Garden Glow Dubai is a beautiful garden in the park of Zabeel. Named after, in the evening this garden will shine so brightly, so many families are obliged to visit Dubai on their holidays. The greatest thing about this spot is that what you see here is a marvel made of biodegradable articles. Your visit to this location will be nothing short of incredible with such fantastic Guided creations, attractions inside, and unimaginable replicas such as an eco-friendly version of Burj Khalifa.

With an abundance of new exciting attractions and designs that have never been discussed in DUBAI, Dubai’s most popular family-friendly and the world’s largest Thème Park has returned. The Dubai Glow Garden opens its doors to 3 distinct areas: the Art Park, Dinosaur Park, and the Garden Glow, all with their exclusive attractions and experiences for all ages. With a record break of 100 animatronic dinosaurs, it is the largest dinosaur park in the world.

Education and leisure centers as well as kids and family could get to know the dinosaur period and the great snakes that existed in that period. Explore the Dinosaur Lab’s virtual platform and explore the set of the Dinosaur Museum’s skeletons. And eventually, you can enjoy a magical walk at Glow Park, the mega-sized indoor garden surrounded by light. The Park changes its shape every season, taking inspiration from nature, fireworks, and the wonders of the world. The topic of this season is the underworld, but this is a world you can not forget, of amazing glowing underwater worlds.

Dubai Garden Glow Layout

In reality, it’s a hybrid of two theme parks, along with several themed attractions, including the Dino Museum, Light Symphony, stage shows and parades, the children’s playground, the Aquatic World, Animal Kingdom, and Mushroom Forest. In a separate food lane, which serves plenty of world cuisine, numerous restaurants and cafes are also available. In comparison, the Burj Khalifa is an environmentally friendly replica, made entirely from medicinal bottles. Artists from all over the world have built all of the structures at Dubai Garden Glow. However, the 150 artists who worked for this park and spent nearly 200,000 hours constructing the garden.

Yeah, it may be nice to visit the place but these aspects constitute additional happiness. Therefore, these are the locations you need to find out when visiting Dubai Glow Garden. The places are Art Park, Ice Park, Magic Park, Dinosaur Park, Happy Forest, and Happiness Street.

Dubai Garden Glow Opening                                            

On 23 December 2015, Dubai Garden Glow opened its doors to the public and extended over 40 acres. It is the ultimate family entertainment venue in the Middle East, a special themed garden in Zabeel Park. In an attempt to create a more prosperous atmosphere in Dubai, Sheik Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid opened the landmark. It took almost Dh30 million to develop and operate Dubai Garden Glow. It makes sense because it is seen as the world’s largest thematic greenhouse. It’s an art park to the day, and the visitors will enjoy a lightsome sky when the night ends.

Dubai Garden Glow Reopening                 

In the winters, for its fifth season, Dubai Garden Glow was reopened. The Dubai Garden Park is an expansive light-scale exhibition of imaginative exhibits, sculptures, visual illusions, and animatronic characters, a relatively recent addition to the ever-growing portfolio of attractions in Dubai. The park is closed each year in the summer and gives itself time in cooler months to focus on a fresh and exciting season. The ‘Back to Nature’ season this time is based on environmental growth, with energy-saving ampoules, the park makes its attractions with recycled materials whenever possible.

Naturally, the park is packed with botanical exhibits, including massive glowing roses, vines, and other beautiful plants, as was the inspiration of that year. Many wildlife creations are also accessible, like the infamous Dinosaur Park. The Dinosaur Park stands adjacent to Glow Park, the Art Park, and the Ice Park. Loads of freezing water are used to generate unbelievable details on ice.

Attractions in the Garden Glow Park

The park has over 10 million LED lamps and is all but bright: tulips, butterflies, swans, and more violent, with incredibly sculpted ice, dinosaur-like replicas, and visual illusions. Garden Glow is very easy to navigate considering its large scale and has plenty of space for children and accessibility requirements for guests. Families will enjoy this spot, but it will cater to those with some time to spend because of the magic attraction of the park and the quality showcases. Children under 3 and older visitors are free of charge.

Dubai Garden Glow Timings

The Glow Garden Dubai is still open to the public. Regarding the glow garden timings, it’s being said that according to Dubai Standard Time, you can visit it from Saturday to Thursday, from 4 pm to 11 pm. As Friday for Dubai is declared a holiday, it raises the closing time by an hour as the square closes at noon. In short, you should bring your family with you or visit the garden yourself to enjoy a fascinating show of light, which you might never have seen before. Bear in mind that it would take at least 2 hours to discover the glow garden in Dubai.

Dubai Garden Glow Entry Fee

In the Dubai Glow Garden, entry charges are 65 AED per person, with a 5% VAT. You will enjoy two displays inside the garden at this entrance rate. For a common man living in Dubai, the prices are also very competitive. Moreover, be mindful that the admission fee is also applied to the Dinosaur Park inside the Zabeel Park. An exciting Glow theme park and an adventurous Dinosaur Park are therefore waiting for you at reasonable rates. Finally, one more point you should be mindful of is that minors, i.e. from 1 to 3 years old, would not cost you any money. Garden Glow Park is permitted for visitors free of charge.

Dubai Garden Glow Tickets

Regarding the Dubai garden glow tickets, it has been seen that Tickets are also affordable inside Glow Park. You don’t have to pay any additional money if you just want to watch the shows because the entrance price would cover both Dino and Glow Park. However, supplementary events can be enjoyed for kids and adults with the payment of the ticket price. Tickets are set and available at reasonable rates for various journeys. And you can have a great light show and the chance to visit Dinosaur Park without wasting too much money. This is the most gracious thing, to be honest, a park will easily support a family middle-class walk.

How to go there?

Zabeel Park at the Gate No. 6 & 7 in Dubai is Garden Glow Spot. Taxis will drive you to Gate 6/7 in Zabeel Park and the taxi line will take you to the Dubai Garden Glow from the exit for pick-ups. World Trade Center on the Red Line is the closest metro station. Bear in mind that the car park fills up fast, particularly on weekends when driving and parking. If you don’t get to the exit, you might end up on a long walk. You can also pair a ride to Dubai Garden Glow with a trip to Dubai Frame nearby, a stroll through Zabeel Park, and under the highway.

Several accommodation options are also present in proximity to the Dubai Garden Glow. In the colder months, you can stay at a nearby hotel and stroll. The Novotel World Trade Centre is only a 12-minute walk downtown, or the Ibis One Central is a decent budget alternative.

Why Visit Garden Glow Park

This place is not only to amuse but also to teach at Dubai Garden Glow. The light-colored garden hopes to encourage global warming and carbon footprints. The living underwater plant has huge gill fish gleaming in the sky, reflecting on the lake and taking the life-size characters of the dinosaur park to Jurassic Park. There are several different attractions in the park, each with a very own theme and plenty to dazzle the youngest to the elderly. Market snacks are sold in the park in cars and stands, including classics from theme parks such as hot dogs, pizzas, and ice-creams.

6th Magical Season of Park

Five attractions can be enjoyed inside the Dubai Garden Glow in Zabeel Park’s central town. There are hundreds and dozens of thrilling and enchanting exhibitions from artists around the world in Glow Park made up of over a million energy saver bulbs and recycled luminous fabrics. The theme this year is the ‘Back to Nature’ dinosaur park: an attraction of over 120 animatronic dinosaurs, which is very authentic. An art park made up of thousands of recyclables and is an eco-friendly exhibition. Magical Park is a world of hypocritical visual and 3D photography, though, and 25 exhibitions are on show at the sub-null temperature including an indoor ice sculpture exhibit.

In the garden glow, there is a wonderful winter evening experience for youth, friends, and even a romantic treat. It gets very busy, especially on the weekends (Thursday and Friday). If you are visiting abroad, you better choose another night and if you’re waiting for any of the best pictures, we highly suggest that you pack a load of patience. And yeah, you’re going to take hundreds of pictures. We highly advise that you put your battery pack back up.

Things to do at Garden Glow

Magic Park

Dubai Garden Glow at the Magic Park is a must-see to visit for all tourists. There is an impressive collection of artwork and shows that fool your eyes and test your mind. This park portrays a world of optical illusions by graphic arts much like magic tricks. Take photographs of your friends in the room, stand in the mouth of a dinosaur, bowl in the chocolate, and more. A visit to Magic Park would stimulate the imagination, enjoyable for all.

If you are somebody you do not want to rest on the sides, the new attraction of Dubai Garden Glow is just for you. Unleash the performer inside of you and put on the hat of the photographer while you and your family interact to create optical illusions. You can just take your pictures up the upside-down space walls. Also, you can create a picture in a mirror that looks at you or take a clip in the dining room at a 45-degree angle. You can test different variations to produce fun, entertaining images you’d love to share with the world. Don’t feel panic if you’re feeling confused. There are people around to help you catch important posterity moments.

3D Art Park

Art Park is a new world stunning with 100% recyclable items such as bottles and CDs. Not one, not two, but a total of about 5,00,000 recyclable items, which give us all beautiful views. Whether it’s the trees, the birds, or even the replicas of the high-lying Burj Khalifa, all you wonder about is nobody else. Much like the exhibits, three-dimensional artworks merge inside the Magic Park floor and walls provide a chance to maximize the media popularity. You can claim to have climbed a skyscraper next to the world’s tallest hotel, to have avoided a gritty dinosaur attack, or to run away from King Kong in Burj Al Arab.

Glow Park

This is the first thing about the Dubai Garden Glow you note, and perhaps the thing that attracts you to the park. Around 500 hand-made imaginative sets made of recycled cloth and over 10 million LEDs offer the ideal backdrop for a family night out. Take a stroll around the forest, from the peacocks to the panda installations, designed on nature’s theme. Let the kids look at bees, spiders, butterflies, elephants, and rabbits. When done, lean back in festive surroundings and drink fresh air to refresh the batteries for the daily grind ahead.

Diansour Park

Dinosaur Park is a park where both children and adults enjoy. Here more than 100 animatronic dinosaurs and the legends of their extinction can be found. Wait for the walking and roaring dino at the entrance that will give you a taste of what lies ahead. In no time can they pull you around the park showing you the rare 100 dinosaurs as you, too, are fascinated by their pure diversity and height. Dinosaur Park is an original park in the Dubai Garden Glow and is a park for tourists, mostly children. It features more than a hundred animatronic dinosaurs that can be viewed and played with by visitors. The park contains all types of dinosaur exhibits from Stegosaurus to Velociraptors. The park also has a fossil laboratory and a dinosaur museum, where you can watch dinosaur replicas and witness a dinosaur’s life.

Ice Park

Do you want a cool experience in a hot town such as Dubai? – So Ice Park’s got some time. The temperature is -7°C, but don’t panic because thermal jackets are supplied for warming. This location uses around 5000 tons of ice to create lovely statues, temples, and animals in ice. Please notice that the park needs an additional entry ticket. When your kids climb on the ice sculptures beautifully, you should redirect yourself to the work of 100 men who in a matter of two months have carved Arab ponies, mountain gazelles, pawns, leopards, lions, and more than 500 metric tons of ice.

Happy Forest

This is one of Dubai Garden Glow’s most cherished places. It was designed in honor of Dubai’s Happiness Lane. The happy woods are a beautiful reflection of the wildlife, made of recycled fabric, making you feel closely connected to nature. It is a beautiful sight of everything that you see.

Tips for Travelers and Visitors

While Dubai is very liberal in its dressing laws, attention must be paid to public places of the city when visiting it. When you visit Dubai Garden Glow, you should wear respectful garments, particularly anything that covers your shoulders and knees. Inacceptable dress visitors to the park can be denied entry. Just in case, wear a shawl or a wrap. The Park’s external food and beverages are limited. Notice that Dubai Garden Glow does not make any external drinks or food. In Dubai Garden Glow pets or animals of any kind are not permitted. To stop any complications in the entry, leave your pets at home.

Things to keep in mind before Visit

There are some things you should remember if you intend to visit Dubai Glow Garden. Make sure it’s modest, you should be wary of what you wear. Don’t take dogs or poultry into the park. It is not permitted to consume food and drink or other sorts of food outdoors. Do not bring with your hoops, scooters, or bicycles. Bring your Emirates ID to the entrance to show you. It is specifically illegal to smoke inside the premises.

Covid-19 Safety Measures

It is important to make sure that everyone is safe, Dubai Garden Glow has added this year a list of new health and safety policies and recommendations. According to directives and declarations by the UAE Minister for Health and Prevention and the World Health Organization, safeguard steps taken at the Dubai Garden Glow have been taken. Temperature sensors are necessary at the entrance and it is advised that visitors often use hand sanitizers. In the park, tourists can preserve social isolation and use a contactless form of payment to prevent contact. The garden is washed through an improved cleaning process.

How to book the tickets for Park

Dubai Garden Glow tickets can be booked either via its official website or through a foreign website. Alternatively, at the park entrance, you can also book tickets at the register. Please search the booking counter for opening and closing times on the website when you plan to book your tickets individually. The USD 17.70 fee is for access to the park Glow Garden, Dinosaur Park, and the Art Park is 5 percent of VAT. An extra US$12.25 (AED 45) fee applies to tourists who also wish to access the Ice Park.

Nearby Attractions

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It has been concluded that A perfect family destination is Dubai Garden Glow. It offers a chance to let people of all ages run wild while watching dazzling shows of light, art, and music. Make the most of the colder weather and go for a nice time with your friends and family to this wonderful place. The Global Village has also been reopened in Dubai. A multitude of displays and events for tourists is offered at the destination. If you liked Dubai Garden Glow you may also like Dubai Miracle Garden.

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