Tanoura dance | Live performance at Dubai Desert

Tanoura Dance – Don’t Miss The Showstoppers In Desert Campsite

Tanoura dance

When you visit Dubai, the top things that would come to mind might be the skyscrapers, remarkable architecture, and luxury living. These factors are undeniably adding to the charm of the city. However, the real fun in Dubai is concealed in its most invaluable treasures. As you know, treasure hunting is never easy.

Get into a car and prepare for an off-road drive. Driving past the high-rises, busy roads, and shopping malls, you can see a long golden stretch of land beckoning you from afar. Yes, it is the desert, Dubai’s real treasure.

When the city offers everything from shopping malls, luxury restaurants, and theme parks to tranquil beaches, its most exciting things await its natural landscape. Desert safari is a popular tourist activity in Dubai.

You can choose an exciting desert safari deal from a reputed tour company. It will include pick-up and drop, adventures like dune bashing, quad biking, camel riding, sandboarding, entertainment programs, and a barbecue dinner.

If you are a passionate driver, choose a self-drive safari in which you can drive to the deserts. This option doesn’t include pick up or drop off; you should reach the destination yourself. After that, professional drivers will take you forward in the desert.

A Desert Safari trip is a rare opportunity to see some traditional dance forms you cannot see elsewhere.

Belly Dance And Tanoura Dance Show

Belly dance is closely connected to Arabic culture. It originated in Egypt and became a famous dance form in Arabian countries. It is performed by a woman who demonstrates complex hip movements. The skilled dancers add more color to it by using fantastic props. The Tanoura Dance show is compulsory on dinner cruises, whether it is a dhow cruise Marina or Dubai Creek.

Belly Dance Show

You will admire the talent of these elegant women who skillfully balance a sword or a candelabrum while dancing. Belly dance is a blend of beauty and sensuality.

Props used for Belly Dance

Belly dancers use several props to amuse the audience. See the most commonly found things:

·         Candelabrum

A candelabrum is a decorated holder of many candles. A belly dancer uses it to demonstrate her skill in balancing her body as she dances with a Candelabrum on her head. It is astonishing when a woman dances with so many lit candles on her head. Props for balancing can be anything like a basket or a pot.

·         wings

Wings add dramatic color to the belly dance. When the dancer dances with two wings, she seems like a butterfly. She quickly spreads the Isis wings attached to her costume, which is a great way to captivate the audience with attractive pinions.

·         Canes

When a belly dancer uses a cane as her prop, the sensuous emphasis will slightly give way to resilience. It is somewhat similar to cane dance performed by men.

·         Fan veils

Some belly dancers make a stylish entry with a veil. Dancers wrap the veil according to their taste but usually cover the torso. Finally, they remove the veil, revealing the natural magnificence of their attire. They demonstrate some graceful and straightforward movements by swaying the veil. It will be a slow number, and they make spectacular patterns with the veil.

Tanoura Dance Show

Tanoura Dance Show

Tanoura is an Egyptian folk dance performed by a male dancer. It originated among the Sufis and has become one of the most loved tourist attractions in Dubai. The word ‘Tanoura’ refers to the weighted skirt that the dancer wears. The performer spins throughout the dance. The circular motion is said to represent the planet revolving around the sun.

Their constant whirling movements with the colorful skirts spinning above their head will steal your attention. The dresses feature bright geometrical designs and consist of different layers. He will also wear a turban on his head. Each color in the skirt represents a Sufi order. The dancer will not feel dizzy at all despite whirling continuously.

At some point, the dancer will turn on the lights on his skirt, which will be a visual treat for the audience, with various hues.

Fire show

The fire show is an exquisite combination of dance and juggling with flames. The performer will create fiery imagery with modern movements. It usually consists of fire breathing, fire eating, and fire twirling techniques.

 Fire show

In fire breathing, the dancer creates a fire stream by creating a fuel mist from his mouth over an open flame. Fire eating is a metaphorical expression in which the performer extinguishes flames in his mouth.

Fire twirling is an art form in which dancers make patterns with a flame around their bodies. The dancer showcases some tricky moves amid the fire. They spin continuously at a steady pace and with fewer body movements. The fire show is an intriguing piece of art you will remember forever.

Dubai Safari ensures a day full of entertainment. Besides these leisure programs, you can also try smoking shisha and The Henna tattoos. Whenever you visit Dubai, plan a trip to the deserts and watch the Tanoura Dance show, a rare art form.