Spend a great day in the Capital of UAE

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You have a lot to see in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. City tour in Abu Dhabi will give you a chance to see the wonderful cityscapes, beachfront developments, and marvelous architecture in a day. Abu Dhabi is known for cultural monuments, colossal shopping malls, and adventure-sport destinations.

The trip will be a treat for people of all ages. You will be taken to the main highlights of the city with a knowledgeable tour guide. The journey will start at 8 in the morning and end with a delicious lunch at Marina Mall. Have a look at the places included in the trip.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque- An Architectural Feat

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is undoubtedly a golden feather in Abu Dhabi’s crown. It is a place which you should never miss in Abu Dhabi. It is certainly one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Millions of people visit the mosque every year to witness its opulence and beauty.

The stunning mosque made of white marble will steal your glance in the very first sight. The mosque holds three Guinness World Records for largest hand-woven carpet, the biggest chandelier and the largest dome of its kind in the world.

You can see grandeur in even the tiniest details of the interior design in the mosque. The floral patterns on the walls embellished with precious stones make the mosque a spectacular sight for everyone.

The grand onion-top domes, the reflective pools and the incredible prayer hall with 24-carat gold-plated chandelier and hand-made carpet are equally mesmerizing. And interestingly, the mosque is open to people of all faiths. Women should wear modest clothes and cover their heads while entering the mosque.

National Exhibition Centre- The Business Hub

Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) is a popular and modern exhibition centers in the world. Some of the prestigious international trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and other events are held here. It serves as a significant business hub for the whole Middle East.

Walk around in one of the largest exhibition centers in the Middle East. The spacious complex has an indoor and outdoor capacity of around 130,000 square meters. Access some of the finest restaurants and leisure options too.

Emirates Palace Hotel- The Royal Restaurant

Somewhere between a palace and hotel, Emirates Palace Hotel is an iconic landmark in Abu Dhabi. It is located on the shores of Arabian Gulf and has a scenic private bay for the guests. The design is a blend of traditional and modern architecture which lends it a unique charm. The luxurious building offers comfortable accommodation and fine dining experience.

Each and every feature in the hotel show affluence and magnificence at its best. The handmade wall carpets, the majestic halls, and corridors will all leave you awestruck. The interior designs are adorned with gold, silver, mother of pearl and crystals. The pavilions will give you exquisite sea views. Arabic, Chinese, French, and local dishes are the culinary highlights in the hotel. 

Heritage Village- Peep into the past

Sometimes, you would need a change from the luxurious city life, the skyscrapers, and the hustle and bustle. Take a moment and think about the Emirates before the discovery of oil. A visit to Heritage Village will let you look at the past.

It gives an opportunity for you to look back and admire the humble beginning of the rich city and experience the traditional Bedouin life in the deserts. You can buy antiques, see artisans make pottery and weaving fabric on a loom. Peep into the museum where some invaluable traditional jewelry is showcased.

Marina Mall- Shopping redefined

Shopping and leisure go hand-in-hand at Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. It is located near the Emirates Palace Hotel. There is an observatory, a bowling alley, a multiplex movie complex and musical fountains inside the mall. It has fashion, international brands, entertainment, restaurants, and adventure under one roof.

Abu Dhabi Corniche- Take a refreshing walk

Corniche is an elegant road with children’s play areas, beaches, cafes, and restaurants stretching over 8 kilometers. It lies amidst waterfront, lawns and lush gardens. There are separate cycle and pedestrian pathways. You can hire a cycle and ride across the corniche to explore its beauty.

A wonderful beach along Corniche Road will give you an urge to swim. The fountains across the strip give it a cool and serene feel. Take a walk along the road to feel the refreshing air and see the flora and fauna. 

Carpet Market- The world of carpets

How about visiting a market wholly dedicated to carpets? Carpet market showcases magnificent carpets from around the globe including Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, China, and Asia. It is tough to choose your favorite one among the innumerable carpets in unique designs and a variety of colors.

Take your time, visit the different shops and see the countless mats to select the one you love. There are machine-made and hand-made carpets available in the market. The hand-made rugs are more valuable than machine-made counterparts.

A city tour in Abu Dhabi will be a memorable experience for a lifetime. With us, you can find the most personal, convenient and affordable trip. It is an opportunity to visit the different landmarks in Abu Dhabi in a day. So, don’t miss the chance.

Fix a day and have a splendid journey with your loved ones. Capture some great moments at the must-visit places in the capital of the United Arab Emirates.