Book Sightseeing Experience in Capital of UAE


Abu Dhabi is one of the rare places in the world that offers a balanced combination of 21st-century modernism and ancient historical roots. In the heart of the Middle East and the UAE lies a city rich with commerce, hospitality, and heritage so that visitors and residents alike find a variety of entertainment and other activities to fill their time no matter how long they are in town. For those visiting this city on business or for personal pleasure, it is helpful to book a personal sightseeing experience with an expert driver and travel guide. The Abu Dhabi city tour includes all the landmarks and highlights that visitors want to see along with a shopping and dining experience at the Marina Mall where you can purchase souvenirs and other mementoes. In addition, there are several stops along the way and taking pictures is encouraged as long as local customs are respected and observed. This is an event that can be scheduled in the rain or with the sun shining although the tour is much better when there is no weather to worry about. Participants will leave in the morning and spend about 6 hours with a professional travel guide and licensed driver who will point out major features and minor spots that you can revisit while you are in town. It provides a general understanding of the city layout and includes a sports arena, hotel, museum, and a market place so that you not only see but have a chance to experience the local culture during your stay. It is important to book the Abu Dhabi city tour in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out on the dates while you are here to take advantage of their online booking and affordable rates. As with any capital or large city, it is nearly impossible to see it all in a day so you will want to set aside additional time to leisurely walk around parts of town or use the city’s transit system to take you to your desired location. Starting with a professional tour will help you identify sights to come back to you and enjoy at your own pace.

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