Al Mamzar Beach Park | The Most Accessible Beach in Dubai

Al Mamzar Beach Park

For statistics, Mamzar Beach Park’s total area is 106 hectares. There are 1600 Palm Trees and 300 Coconut Trees, five beaches, and 55000 square meters of green lawns inside Mamzar Park. Mamzar Beach Park was inaugurated in 1984 in the northeast area of Dubai. It soon became one of the most appreciated and popular beach parks in town.

Most Dubai parks are beachfront parks, serving a dual purpose for park-goers. They enjoy the beach activity and inside park activity on the same day. Mamzar Park is no exception. This park is located in the Al Mamzar district of Dubai, which is very close to the Sharjah, Hor Al Anz, and Qusais districts. This park has its unique character; a swimming pool, chalet for hire, kid’s play areas, and much more.

Mamzar Park is huge and very green. It has plenty of grass areas for picnics and family gatherings. There are separate barbeque areas, a must for ex-pats and locals. Mamzar Beach Park gets very crowded during weekends and holidays when families, families, and many companies hold events like picnics, meets, and games. Creek park Dubai is the 2nd option for family outings. Some young ones love to play football in green grassy fields. Some even play cricket too.

Hiring a chalet makes sense if you want to spend one full day in Mamzar Park. These chalets are very spacious and fully equipped with furniture etc. The chalets are located near activity areas so that even if your kids play outside, they are never far away.

Mamzar Beach Park also has food kiosks and a food court to buy tasty snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic), and even gift items. There are various smart cycles, and try that is for hire. Some bikes are for the entire family because there are many wheels and peddle. It is recreational as well as healthy. The Mamzar Park also has a jogging track for those who are into fitness.

One of the unique things that Dubai Municipality has done recently is to install Smart Trees, which are nothing but WiFi-beaming devices for visitors to have WiFi. Even Mamzar Park has many such smart trees. There are many such “smart moves” that you will see in Mamzar park.

The entry fee for Mamzar Park is Aed 5 for anyone above three years. Differently-abled people and senior citizens are exempted. The entire Mamzar Park is differently-abled friendly. 

Mamzar Park is dedicated to women and kids on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mamzar Park sees many activities from promotional companies who like to offer something or other to promote their products during these two days. Love Lake Dubai is the most visited place for similar activities for the residents of Dubai.

Mamzar Park is also very safe due to the constant monitoring from the control room and the Dubai Police department’s visits. However, these controls are non-immersive, and you will also have your place for fun and entertainment.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Night Swimming is allowed in Mamzar Park from 2019 onwards, and it is up to 10 pm, thanks to the Smart Poles that provide enough lighting for the Beach Guards to keep an eye on the swimmers. 

Al Mamzar Beach Park has numerous small bays and artificially created rocky breakwaters. The calm Arabian Gulf water is home to fascinating marine life. The abundant marine life is well preserved, and fishing is not allowed. You will see thousands of crabs scuttling around the rocks while fish nosey beneath the water’s surface. Moreover, you may also see a ray going about its business under the calm water. Snorkeling is allowed, but you have to get your kit. But not to worry, the clear water is not too deep. Kids MUST do snorkeling under the watch of elders.

Mamzar Beach Park Facilities:

  • Mamzar Park provides Haris (An exceptional service for People of determination through the provision of the smart wristband that allows the parents/ caregivers/ guardians to know where their kids are to avoid cases of loss )
  • An arena for holding events and available on hire with complete audiovisual equipment
  • It is a Smart park, as everything in this park is Smart. Right from Smart Chairs, Smart Gate, The virtual world, and Smart Oases to Smart paintings and smart containers. This is a huge step forward by the Dubai Municipality to realize the vision of Dubai’s rulers to make Dubai the world’s first 100% smart city. The Mamzar Beach Park has been equipped with VR learning options to immerse you in a digital experience. This includes a VR experience of planting vegetables and fruit trees for children.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park has also added ten smart benches; they are fully powered by the sun and provide free WiFi and phone charging stations.
  • No wires or cables are required – sit on the bench and charge your phone.
  • Mamzar Beach Park’s beach facilities include Beach Rescue services, swimming pools, and Beach seats with sunshades to avoid harsh sun.
  • Mamzar Park has a different skateboard platform‏ that you can access for free. However, skateboards are not allowed to be used on jogging tracks, etc.,
  • There is a separate children’s games area in Mamzar Beach Park. This enthralling area for kids is fully monitored by strategically placed IP Cameras linked to a control room. 
  • Mamzar Park provides beach sports field services, basketball, football & volleyball fields. These are very popular among the residents as some teams regularly play matches here.
  • Bicycles can be rented, depending on the type of Bicycle you want to rent and how long.
  • Special Excursion and barbeque services are available. You may bring your barbeque kit and use the areas labeled “Barbeque.”
  • There are plenty of Restaurants and cafeterias inside Mamzar Park.
  • One of the most popular activities in Mamzar Park is the mini train ride. This train is fully friendly and takes you on a specially-made track around the park. The train moves at a slow speed so that you can enjoy the landscaped greenery, beach, and much much more. 
  • To ensure that everyone at the park is breathing in the fresh air. The park has added Smart Paint that absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces air pollution in the area.
  • It also has Public facilities like showers, Toilettes, and clothes-changing cabins.
  • Plants and horticulture spaces keep the oxygen level high and make Dubai environmentally friendly.
  • There are a lot of facilities for differently-abled people. They have separate parking spaces inside that are free of cost. What’s more, these parking facilities are closest to the entry gates. There are special toilets everywhere equipped with a support system. Dedicated washing, ablution, and chalet (Chalet number 13, 15) are designed to address their needs. This is in line with the Dubai government’s commitment to make recreational facilities like public parks available and make them a coming-together place for all family members. If you are interested in this, you might be interested in places to visit in Dubai.
  • Mamzar Park also has a vast parking place. This is to ensure that people are encouraged to visit Mamzar Park. The parking area is entirely free, and there is 618 parking outside the park, 620 parking inside the park, and ten disabled parking. During the weekends (Thursdays and Fridays) and holidays, parking gets full quickly as thousands head to Mamzar Park to unwind, dine and relax.
  • There are also many Prayer rooms for the faithful in Mamzar park.​


  • ​All the rules and regulations that apply to Beaches are involved here too. These rules are displayed at the entrance of Mamzar Beach Park.
  • Respected clothing is a MUST inside the park. You can be fined if found flouting this rule. As everywhere else, the park is absolutely alcohol and smoking-free. Very stiff penalties are applied to the offenders.

Al Mamzar Beach Park Chalets

Chalets are little “modern huts” that give your family privacy and luxury while enjoying a day out in Mamzar Park. These chalets are available for rent, and Renting Chalets is valid for the whole day during the week as follows:

  • On weekdays, i.e., from Sunday to Wednesday, chalets are available from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • On weekends, when it is a public holiday, chalets are available from 9 am to 10 pm. 
  • Chalets are available for rental in Ramadan from 09:00 am to 9:00 pm.

If you’re interested in outdoor activities, you must try Desert Safari to find the Bedouin culture at the campsite.

​Fees Category: 

  • The big chalet suitable for up to 12 adults is pegged at 200 AED/ Day​​ , and if you are a small group of 8 or less, you need to pay only Aed150/= per chalet in Dubai Mumzar Park. Please note that sunbeds to lounge in winter are available at Aed 150/= per day in the park. Small chalet for eight persons – Service Fees: 150 AED/ Day. Please note that the chalets service fee does not include parking fees. The parking fees need to be paid separately.
  • Train ride service (AED 2 per person). You must get the tickets early on weekends and holidays to avoid disappointment.
  • Mamzar Park provides you with the facility of renting beach cabins: a large cabin for AED 200 and a small cabin for AED 150.
  • Swimming pool hourly charges: Adults = AED 10 & Kids = AED 5
  • Jet Ski Timing: 9 am to 6 pm. Price for Adults: AED 150 for 30 minutes and AED 250 for 1 hour.
Mamzar Park Dubai

How to reach Mamzar Beach Park

The park is located around 6 kilometers from the Al Quiadah metro station. A feeder bus service (C28) from the Metro station to Mamzar Park.

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