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View of Dubai from the sea is the best way to appreciate its beauty. From Marina to Jumeirah, Dubai gives you a great vibe. The best way to enjoy all of it is to go for the best yacht rental in Dubai. What you see of Dubai from Marina is the most modern version of Dubai. So, embark on a boat cruise to enjoy the beautiful coastline of Dubai. Charter a yacht that suits you the best from our extensive collection of luxury yachts. Al Wasl is the most excellent yacht rental company in Dubai.

  • Catamaran Cruise

    Catamaran Cruise

    1 Bed Room, 1 Saloon, Kitchen & Tiolet

    4000 AED /Hour
  • Sunset Cruise

    Sunset Cruise

    Sunset cruise, 7 Days a week from Dubai Marina

    280 AED /Hour
  • 85 Feet Luxury Yacht

    85 Feet Luxury Yacht

    3 Master 1 Twin Bedroom, Rest Rooms, 1 Big Kitchen, Fly Bridge Mini Pool, Big Lounge, Dining Area, Frond end Sun Deck, Sitting Area

    1500 AED /Hour
  • 70 Feet Luxury Yacht

    70 Feet Luxury Yacht

    4 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Big Dining Area, Front end Sun deck, Sitting Area, Fly Bridge

    1300 AED /Hour
  • 55 Feet Luxury Yacht

    55 Feet Luxury Yacht

    3 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Front end Sun deck, Sitting Area, Fly Bridge

    850 AED /Hour
  • 50 Feet Luxury Yacht

    50 Feet Luxury Yacht

    3 Cabins with Rest Room, Kitchen, Lounge, Sun deck, Sitting Area. Operated from Dubai Marina

    450 AED /Hour
  • 45 Feet Yacht

    45 Feet Yacht

    1 Master Bedroom, 1 Double, 1 Twin, Saloon, Kitchen, Toilet & Fly Bridge

    750 AED /Hour
  • 42 Feet Luxury Yacht

    42 Feet Luxury Yacht

    2 Master Bedroom, 1 Double, 1 Twin, Saloon, Kitchen, Toilet & Fly Bridge

    750 AED /Hour
  • 37 Feet Sport Yacht

    37 Feet Sport Yacht

    1 Master Bedroom, 1 Double, 1 Twin, Saloon, Kitchen, Toilet & Fly Bridge

    500 AED /Hour


Al Wasl Yachts is the premier company in Dubai for yacht rental. Our professional and well-trained crew can provide you unforgettable moments on the boat. Yachts are the best place to host your private parties, family get-together, or corporate events. You can even spend a leisurely day at the sea and bask in the sun within the comfort of a boat. We have more than a decade of experience in providing yacht rental services. Al Wasl is the leader when it comes to the quality of service. We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company that follows a high standard for maintenance and customer experience. We have insurance coverage for all the guests, including the crew and the boat itself. You can enjoy the sea and the city and don’t care about anything else while on the boat.

Yacht Charter Dubai

Would you please choose from our extensive fleets for an ultimate yacht charter experience in Dubai? From the 33 feet sport boat to the 85 feet luxury cruises. On a yacht cruise, the modern seaside landmarks of Dubai are even more pleasing. See the Palm Island, Burj Al Arab – the only seven-star hotel globally, and the Atlantis on the Palm Island. You can stop there at the beach for photos and go to the lagoon near Palm Island. If you want to enjoy the beaches of Dubai, you should definitely consider a yacht rental.

Yachts are havens of privacy. Escape from all the busy life of the city and enjoy it from the hull of the boat. There will be no one to interfere and no sound you don’t want to hear. You only will have your buddies and loved ones around you. There are even more things to make the yacht charter Dubai experience more exciting. Dinners on yachts are unlike anything you have had on the land.

Sunset Yacht Cruise

Go for a scenic cruise to catch the sun sliding down the horizon. Watch it from the top of the deck with a sunset cruise yacht rental. Begin the cruise about half an hour before sunset. Go to the high seas and witness the sun vanishing beyond the horizon and the dramatic colors of the evening sky. When you go further away from the shore, the sea actually gets quite calm. That’s the right time to whip up a tasty barbecue dinner with the onboard grill machine. On a two-hour cruise, you can catch the sunset in the Arabian Gulf. And also enjoy landmarks on Palm Island and Marina.

Fishing Cruise

Fishing is the ultimate water sport in Dubai. Al Wasl offers amazing yacht rental packages to give you an enjoyable and affordable fishing trip. Of all the fishing, deep sea fishing in Dubai is the most sought after. The easiest way for you to go fishing is to go with a yacht rental service from one of the best companies in Dubai. This helps you skip the hassle of getting a fishing license. You don’t have to carry heavy and expensive fishing gear either. A fishing yacht charter comes with the benefits of complementary fishing gear, a crew of fishing experts, and a state-of-the-art fish finder SONAR.

Catamaran Cruise

Discover Dubai in style from the sea. Add a little bit of adventure to your cruise with a catamaran. Catamarans can give an actual sailing experience. These boats can host up to 50 guests at a time. Explore Dubai for four hours and feast on the complimentary refreshments on the boat. A five-star gourmet dinner will be available if you specifically request it.

The Cruising Route

Cruise along the scenic route of the Marina canal, moving past the busy seaside city and skyscrapers. After sailing along, taking in the beautiful view of the Dubai coastline, we reach Palm Island. Palm Island is full of unbelievable structures. It’s also unique in every way. Stopover there to take pictures near the Atlantis resort hotel and Burj Al Arab. Then sail on to visit Al Sufouh beach. The yacht charter will include a well-trained skipper and a crew of one or two. The size of the crew depends on the number of guests and the boat.

How to Rent a Yacht in Dubai

Choose the boat which will serve you the best from the website. And book without any hassle using the live chat feature or the ‘Book now’ button. Then our representative will connect with you and help you with your needs and make sure you get everything you want. Pay the deposit through online payment or cash and easily book the boat. If you want to see the boat up close before making the reservation, please tell us. We are happy to arrange a visit for you and make the payment then if you wish to.

Additional Services with Yacht RentalĀ 

Spice up your cruise even more by making use of our custom services. Make decorations and arrangements which fit your event. Be it a family get-together or a private party with your friends or colleagues, and decorations can make it better. Decorations can help you set the mood of the game to your liking. We will arrange a delicious buffet dinner of your favorite cuisine on board if you want that too. You can choose to include BBQ platters, Vegetarian platters, or Arabic BBQ buffets with the yacht rental. If the events are larger and need more helping hands to carry them out quickly, we will give you professional hostesses. Even more, some occasions are incomplete without a cake, and no two cakes are the same either. We can prepare the cake custom-made with all the flavors you want in it.

A Disc Jockey can take your yacht party to the next level. And if you want a luxury ride to take you and your guests to and from the boat, we can get you the exotic car that you love.

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