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Explore The Beauty Of Dubai

  1. January 15, 2016
  2. By Admin

The city of Dubai has become one of the unique travel destinations of world which is frequented by many travel junkies from all over the world. One among the seven countries of United Arab Emirates, Dubai unlike the other UAE countries does not depend on the revenue from its petroleum produce. Instead its growth is mainly attributed to its growing tourism industry. Considered a magnet for luxury seekers, Dubai has some must visit sights on its list. Dubai Creek Area This is the area where all the yachts and dhows are lined up to present to viewers a perfectly manicured sight of a place which had its heritage rooted in the fishing industry. Dubai, originally a city which depended much on its fishing and pearl-diving industry, has now shifted the focus of these tools to cater to the tourists that flock to the city. Cruising has turned out the be very sought after leisure activity in the area. Dubai Museum Located inside the Al Fahidi fort, the museum which is built in the year 1800, showcases the metropolis's fast-track evolution from its early fishing and pearling days to the present day. To get a taste of the city's old cultural heritage, this is a must visit location. Carpet market This is one of the street markets to visit when in Dubai for your personalized knick-knacks. This is the place to go to for the souvenirs, blankets, rugs, pottery items and other stuff like this which will not give you a pocket pinch but will definitely add to your personalized collection of trinkets. Grand Mosque Standing as a testimony of the old architectural minarets of Dubai, the Grand mosque is a sight to see. It is the sight of Dubai's cultural and religious life. The mosques is not open for non-Muslims, however you can visit one of its minarets which is open for photography. Jumeirah Beach Home to the Jumeirah beach Hotel in Dubai, this sight marks the luxury that resides at the heart of Dubai. Palm Jumeirah It is one of the most awe striking destination of Dubai tourism. The artificial man made island is a hub now for high end hotels, resorts and malls. The structure has three parts which make it look like the palm tree- the stem, the crow and the 17 fronds. Burj al Arab This is one structure that all the photograph crazed tourists would like to capture. This magnificent and luxurious hotel is must visit in the list of tourist destinations. Burj Khalifa Known to be the tallest building in the world this structure is a tourists' favorite while visiting Dubai. Do not forget to catch this sight when in Dubai. If you are planning for a Dubai city tour , look online for the best options.