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Explore Dubai in Style

  1. February 16, 2016
  2. By Admin

1416 Dubai is a city bustling with life. It is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the world. The emirate is lull of natural and architectural beauty which delights many who visit the city. There are many places to visit and experiences to be gathered in Dubai. One of Dubai's landmarks is the waterways which cut through the city - Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. You do not just have exclusive yachts and cargo boats making their way through but also you have dhows which offer enjoyable cruise experiences here. Dhows have a historical meaning in Dubai and their place is highly regarded. They are famous for trading activities in the Arab world and are a strong symbol of their culture. But the significance of dhows has changed from just being commercial vessels to being vessels of leisure. A tour around Dubai at night, on a dhow, is a must-have experience that any person who visits the city has to have. The night time is the best time to go out on a 2 hour cruise on a dhow. The city is full of lights given the architectural masterpieces which have become the identity of Dubai. The varying lights from many buildings create a special aura almost of artistry. This is coupled by the starry sky which makes the atmosphere dreamy. For you to get the Dubai dhow cruise, you have to book early. You can book with your whole family or can have a private party on the dhow. The dhows have provisions for five star meals which incorporate various international cuisines. There is entertainment such as belly dancing and nice cultural music to keep you going. The Dubai dhow is divided into an open top deck and a lower deck with large windows or openings which allow for great views of the city and an opportunity to capture the best photographs. The dhows are safe, which is an added incentive to climb on board. They are insured and have safety measures such as life jackets, although the cruises are in shallow waters. Other safety measures include medical kits and fire emergency protocols such as a fire alarm and extinguishers. The attendants of the dhow will not allow overloading on the vessels. There is proper air conditioning and ventilation on the dhows. The experience is geared towards guaranteeing passengers' safety and comfort on the vessels of leisure. The most famous cruises are done on the Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. This experience is for everyone. A couple on a honeymoon can make their nights in Dubai special by getting on dhow. You can celebrate your birthday or anniversary by taking a cruise and partying on the dhow. Book now and choose which dhow Dubai service you would like to use for a night of cruising and spectacular sights.