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Experience the Rare Pleasure of Luxury and Serenity Together in Dubai

  1. December 5, 2014
  2. By Admin

Dubai is full of fun and entertainment for everyone, every time. No matter how many times you have been to Dubai, it will surprise you every time. Each visit will definitely fetch you lots of fun and a treasure of memories. Its beautiful places spell bound every visitor, and leave them in a state of trance and refreshes them even after years.

What makes Dubai so enchanting?

Dubai offers something for everyone. Only going for a city tour, leaves your visit incompletes. There are so many places which are away from the city, and you will surely love its endless deserts, marshes, and huge beautiful mountains. Mountains in a desert country give a 'wow' feel.

Hatta mountain away from city's chaotic and fussy life is like an oasis for those, who have a lust to spend some isolated time in a place that is so full of natural beauty and offers them peace and tranquility.

It is also an apt place for those who love to enjoy thrilling adventures. The royal Hajjar Mountain is one of the main attractions for tourists. Here tourists can enjoy safari drive in a rocky land and can drift away fatigue by swimming in holy Hatta pond.

Apart from this, it offers its rich culture and the Portuguese Fort, which is the best place to see their prosperous heritage that reveals the beauty and wisdom of ancient architecture. It has vast and gracious blossoming green valleys also.

Hajjar Mountain not only is known for its natural beauty, but for the tempting traditional cuisines and beverages also. Shopping lovers can get variety of handmade traditional potteries and carpets, which are comparatively cheaper. So when you are in Dubai, do spare sometime to visit this beautiful place and enjoy the bliss of nature's lap.