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How to make your Dhow Cruise experience rewarding?

  1. January 15, 2016
  2. By Admin

Being one of the most captivating destinations of the Dubai metropolis, the dhow cruise is something that should opt for when trying to make memories in Dubai. Adorned with traditional wooden structure but maintaining a sophisticated present day, modern service facilities, the dhow cruise is for the ones seeking to find an adventurous edge in their trip. Here is how you can make your trip on a dhow cruise a rewarding one. Timing One of the factors that makes any trip hassle free is the punctuality that you decide to maintain. If you do not want to miss out on things that you plan to do, then make it a point to keep tabs on your time. It is important in the case of boarding a dhow cruise too. Most of these cruises have a definite time to pick up and drop passengers. So, be sure to arrive at your pick up destination well before time. Otherwise all the fun and games would turn into a waste because of a few minutes of delayed time. Early bird catches the prey This saying goes on to prove a good point when it comes to booking your seats on a dhow cruise. While, most of the cruises can accommodate a room full of passengers, it is always better to book early so that you can keep your options open as to whether you want a seat at the deck downstairs or a more romantic setting under the gaze of the moonlight. However, these different seating arrangements do have differential pricing tag, so it is always better to plan ahead of the kind of seats you would prefer while aboard the cruise. Also, most of the companies charter their dhows out for private parties or a business dinner. Food and entertainment The dhow cruise ride is not something that will let you return with an empty stomach. The special feature that draws many passengers to a dhow cruise ride is that it serves hot food on the deck to be enjoyed by the passengers. Indeed, to make your trip yield the most pleasure, be sure to look into the menus offered by the different dhow cruises. There are a range of items from Arabic dishes to Asian to vegetarian. Some dhows also serve pre-ordered food menu for private parties and meetings. So, do not forget to look out for things that you would like to have and the dhows that serve it. When food is here, can entertainment be far behind? The dhows offer an array of shows to entertain the passengers aboard. From slow Arabic music to live shows to puppet and comedy shows, all are put out there for the entertainment of the passengers. So, book a Dhow in Dubai today and make your holiday special.