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City tours - A fun package deal for tourists in Dubai!

  1. February 6, 2015
  2. By Admin

Dubai is the city of tourists where people come from different areas of world. There is so much to see in this city that you will need proper planning, so that you can cover every place. In Dubai, you can take the service of city tours provided by tourism companies. You can see the real beauty of Dubai in these tours. Mainly, there are following city tours - Dubai - In this trip, you can see all the major landmarks of this beautiful city. It will include skyscrapers, water parks, shopping malls, historical places and many more. Sharjah - This trip will include visit to the beautiful Sharjah, its beach, fort, museum, old souk and many other landmarks. Abu Dhabi - This tour will include The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, presidential palace and Marina Mall etc. Al Ain - Trip to Al Ain will include landmarks like national museum, Hili archaeological park, mall, market and many more. East Coast - There are lots of beaches at East Coast of Dubai. You can visit all these beaches, Bidiya Mosque and Fujeirah etc. in this tour. Some tourism companies also provide shopping tours for tourists with a passion for shopping. There are many souks, shops and shopping malls in Dubai, where you can purchase variety of things. Some companies also, provide combine trip of all emirates. These companies also provide the services of pick and drop. Cherry on top, all these tours are very affordable. Choose any trip offered by tourism companies and see the real colors of this emirate.