Desert Safari – Why It Is No.1 Tourist Attraction In Dubai


Dubai is the most popular place for spending the holidays. It is very popular for warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage. There are several tourist attraction places in Dubai, where tourists can have fun as well as gain some insight into Dubai’s culture and history. The world’s tallest building is situated here, seven- star hotels and the tourists can also find an indoor theme park, which is the largest. Among several tourist attractions in Dubai, the tourists find desert safari as most interesting and adventurous as it gives them unique experience. The tourists also find Dubai as an ideal shopping destination as all the big brands have put up shops here, where tourists can find all the latest collection of apparel and accessories.

An Experience of Lifetime 

The desert safari dubai is the best way to experience the desert and the tourists from all around the world find the desert very unique and interesting. The tourists love to spend time on sands and experience its beauty. The desert looks beautiful during the sunset and it offers a pleasant viewing experience to the visitors. The tourists have various options to do in the desert and there are several travel companies providing desert safari tour for the guests visiting Dubai. According to their convenience and timeline, the tourists can make changes in the itinerary provided by the companies. The tourists can choose to do Jeep safari in the desert that will give them a thrilling experience. In the Jeep safari, the tourists are given a ride in the SUV, and the tourists love every time the SUV hit the sand dunes at normal speeds.

The tourists can also choose camel safari for some time and relax the ride in the desert. It can also be done in the night if the tourists don’t prefer to go during the day under the hot sun. During the sunset, the desert looks beautiful and gives a pleasant view to the tourists. They can choose to enjoy the barbeque with their loved ones while watching the sunset. The trip organizers also offer the tourists to enjoy Arabian cuisine in the dinner. The tourists can either choose Arabian cuisine or inform the organizers to arrange a different cuisine. They can enjoy the dinner inside the tent on luxurious carpets with premium Arabian cushions.

The tourists can also enjoy live performances by great artists while having dinner with their loved ones. There is a traditional dance by the popular dancers and also a performance by a live musical band. Dubai desert safari truly gives a great experience to the visitors and makes their trip memorable with adventurous activities in the middle of the desert.

There are numerous things that Dubai offers. Dhow cruise Dubai is also chosen by the tourists, which is the best way to relax and watch Dubai in a unique way. There are two options to sail on Dhow. The tourists can either choose Dhow cruise marina or Dhow cruise Creek. Both give a unique experience to the tourists. However, Dubai Marine Dhow is more advanced and offers many amenities to the tourists.

Dhow cruise also offers a different variety of cuisines to the tourists which can be chosen accordingly. They also have the option to have food on the open deck under the sky watching the Dubai seas with tall skyscrapers in the background. It also offers entertainment options in the form of traditional dance and live performances by various artists.

Dubai also has beautiful beaches, big shopping malls, hotels and various attractions for the tourists, which all can make the trip memorable.

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