Most exciting outdoor activities in Dubai

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to the outdoor activities that you can try in Dubai. It is one of the most eventful cities in the world. The thrill-seekers can have a long bucket list that they would need several months to complete all of those exciting things in the city. Here is a list of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubai that you should definitely try during your visit.

Al Qudra cycling

Do you love cycling? Then, head to the deserts for an exciting ride to burn the calories. Al Qudra cycling track is popular among all the passionate cyclists out there. The track is 86 kilometers, and you will enjoy scenic views on both sides. You would take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours to complete the track, depending on the riding speed.

Lucky ones can have glimpses of some local wildlife like the oryx. You can either go for a solo ride or with an enthusiastic group. It is the favorite spot for cycling clubs, popular athletes, and also leisure riders. Though cars have access to parts of the track, most of it is dedicated to cycling. You will find benches along the track if you need a break.

Use your cycle or take one for rent from the nearby shops. Trek UAE, at the end of the Al Qudra Road, is the most frequented place for hiring bikes. Most often, people try the activity before the break of dawn. The cool breeze and the tranquil desert will make your day. However, sunset is also a great time for cycling as the dunes will be shaded in golden and red hues.

Desert safari

Desert safari is the ultimate outdoor adventure in Dubai, as it is a blend of several spine-tingling activities. A tour company will take you to the deserts where you will try all possible adventures on the sand, relive the Bedouin life, taste Arabic food, and watch the traditional art forms in the Middle East. The thrilling activities on the sand include dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and camel ride.

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After this, you will reach the Bedouin camps where you can relax by smoking shisha, get your hands painted with henna, and try Arabic costumes. The entertainment shows include Tanoura, Belly dance, and a fire show. Desert safari ends with a scrumptious dinner buffet with Arabic and Continental dishes.

Quad biking

This is a thrilling activity that you can try in the deserts of Dubai. When there are countless tall dunes in front of you, it ensures double fun. The quad bike is a four-wheeled ATV specially designed for off-road trips. The bikers can climb up the dunes and have a swift ride throughout the desert. There is nothing to worry about the newbies as anyone can learn quad biking after practicing for just half-an-hour. And, the four wheels give you extra safety to drive without the fear of falling.


When you are not into biking and want to try something gentle and more fun, go sandboarding in the desert. It is similar to snowboarding, and you will glide over the dunes on your own. A sandboard is used to climb up the dunes and drop swiftly. Buy a sandboard and take it to the deserts on your trip.

Otherwise, choose a tour package that includes sandboarding. Then, they will provide the equipment and also train the novice sandboarders. It is safe as falling on the sand won’t hurt you a bit. Newbies can learn to acquire balance on the sandboard after some practice. 

Dune buggy Dubai

A dune buggy is an ideal pick for riding over the dunes. It is a leisure motor vehicle with large wheels specifically designed to cut through the sand. A maximum of two people can sit on the two-seater with four wheels. Go for the evening dune buggy safari in Dubai to admire the sunset while tackling the dunes.

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Riding on the sand is different as it has more resistance. You should hit the dunes at great speed in order to get through. You can learn to ride a dune buggy within a few minutes. When you are in the deserts in Dubai, make sure that you try this exciting activity.

Deep-sea fishing

While all adventures give you some unforgettable moments, there is something which gives you fruit for your efforts. Deep-sea fishing is a must-try activity in Dubai that can end up in a mouthwatering meal if you succeed in the task. Deep-sea fishing is a popular outdoor venture in Dubai as the Arabian Gulf is teeming with fish.

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It involves going deep into the sea where there is greater availability of fish. You will need a seaworthy boat for this and go with a tour company for the best experience. Yachts are mostly used for deep sea fishing in Dubai. The crew will take you to the right spot and also give you instructions on fishing.

Hot air ballooning

You would have seen huge colorful balloons floating in the sky. Get into a balloon, and the vast desert will be beneath your feet. The red dunes appear magnificent on a bird’s eye view. A hot air balloon is a type of leisure aircraft that is lifted by heating the air inside the balloon with fire. You will stand inside a basket that is attached to the balloon or the envelope. Around 30 people can travel on a balloon, and it may differ.

When you are at 3000 ft height from the ground, take pictures of the camel farms, villages and the animals like Arabian oryx and gazelles. Fly along the desert as the dawn breaks or when the sun descends. Take some pictures from an angle which you had never tried before. This is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience in our life.

Tips to remember

  • Winter is the best time to try outdoor activities in Dubai
  • Wear clothes that are appropriate for your activity
  • Follow all the rules in Dubai related to the adventure
  • Ensure your safety and don’t go for risky plays
  • Choose a reputed tour company for adventures

Roaming inside the shopping malls or having dinner at an expensive restaurant is just a piece of cake. Do something that you remember throughout your lifetime. It’s time to test your courage and make your visit to Dubai more action-packed with these adventures. Visit the city with your friends or family and try the outdoor activities in Dubai to take your holiday to the next level. 

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