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Your Dubai trip is incomplete without a desert safari. As a traveller, it is essential for you to choose the best Dubai desert safari. Worry no more because we have simple tips that will guide you through the entire process. Type of the camp and group sizeMost of the travelers do not know that there are various types of campsites. Travel companies offer shared camps, large private camps, small private camps, and private setups.

  • Shared camps – Shared camps tend to focus on the travellers budget more than anything else. If you want to travel on a small budget, then you need to consider these camps.
  • Large private camps – The large private camps can accommodate up to 600 guests maximally. If you are okay with lots of people around you, then you can book these camps
  • Small private camps – They can accommodate less than 100 guests and have a higher level of service.
  • Private setups – In case you want to enjoy the ultimate Dubai desert safari experience, you should consider the private setups.

Most of Dubai travel companies offer a wide range of activities that can make your holiday memorable. You need to find out the camp/ company so that you can research their reputation before making any decision. When it comes to safari providers, it is very easy to make special requests, changes or amendments where necessary. Type of drive-wild safari or dune bashing Do you want to take part in adventure sports? Are you healthy? If the answer is yes, then you can go for dune bashing. The high impact activities are fascinating. What to eat? Every traveller knows that fast foods are cheaper when compared to fine dining. You need to find out the menu of your safari before the actual date so that you can prepare adequately for the same. Reputation and price Reputation and price are yet other important aspects that you cannot afford to ignore when planning to go for Dubai desert safaris. To find out the reputation of a company, you need to look at the reviews and feedback provided by other travelers. In terms of pricing, you should compare different companies and options before making your final decision.

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