Unimaginable Glam And Pomp Courtesy Of Dubai Dhow Cruises


The first thing that pops into mind anytime we contemplate going to visit the city of Dubai is the larger than life aura that we will experience. The place is full of mega grand structures starting with the world’s tallest building, the largest shopping mall, luxurious hotels, indoor skiing you name it. The place is well-known as a destination for tourists. It’s also a great place to go shopping and experience the splendid nightlife. A large number of people come here for a taste of the Arabian hospitality. However, there is one experience that will sweep you off your feet by its magical appeal ‘ Going for the Dhow rides. Viewing Sites For a Dubai resident, Dhows are not something new. It was an experience they were already accustomed to over a decade ago. Funny enough, most tourists are compounded with the dilemma as to which option is better ‘ Dhow ride in Dubai Marina versus The Creek. There are two most popular places where you can experience a dhow cruise. Despite the competitive promotional hype out there as to which is better, they both offer great value for money. Journey at the Creek The Creek has its charm which is unmatched and qualifies as a once in a lifetime experience on its own. You can witness a promenade stretching half the sail length towards the Bur-Dubai side.

Towards the Deira side of the waterway is iconic buildings lined up spectacularly. The Dubai Municipality building and the Sheraton can be seen in all their glory. Despite the buildings being old, they create an excellent viewing picture on the sunset skyline. As you approach the end of the promenade, the Bataskiya area reveals Dubai’s historical past. As you proceed, you will see the Souq and finally the Heritage Village. This latter part of your dhow Dubai cruise is rich in history, and you might think you are sailing back in the old days. The Marina Experience Going for a dhow Dubai through the Marina gives you the real picture as to why Dubai is regarded as a futuristic city. You witness newly constructed architectural brilliance. Along Dubai’s Marina, you will see a promenade either side of the shoreline with several people walking or seated outdoors in restaurants and cafes.

Overhead are bridged with vehicles passing over which is cool. At night the Dubai skyline is magical and fascinating. How Much Does It Cost? The cost of a cruise in a Dhow at the Marina costs a little more than at the Creek, might be on account of the berthing fees which might have doubled. For that reason, the service at the Marina emphasizes a great deal on quality as the visitors will want value for parting with more when they had a much cheaper option. The Dubai Marina is very competitive as there are no more than 10 Dhows in operation.

On the other hand at The Creek, they are no fewer than 30 operators. Most Dubai residents prefer the Marina as it gives them a glimpse into the new Dubai. It relives the old memories when they first rode on the Dhows. Generally, the Creek displays the hustle bustle and daily routine of everyday life. On the other Hand, the Dubai Marina displays a euphoric enjoyable atmosphere full of luxurious private yachts, smaller fishing boats, and dhows In Dubai.

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