Witness beauty of Dubai in a Dhow

Dhow cruise Marina2

Life is all about new experiences. There are countless experiences that Dubai offers to each and every visitor. The nightlife in Dubai is certainly beautiful as the city seems to be a web connected with different lights at night. How about witnessing its beauty in a Dhow Cruise?

A tour in Dubai is incomplete without the journey on a Dhow Cruise. It is a perfect way to enjoy some time with your loved ones. Dhow is a traditional Arabic boat sophisticated to provide you a great journey.

Plan a surprise dinner for your partner, enjoy a great night with your family or arrange a party with your friends. Get the kids along, they will have a lot of fun. And of course, you can organize your wedding in a dhow cruise.

The choice is all yours and the journey will be undoubtedly mind-blowing. It is also an invaluable opportunity for photographers who would love to capture the night-time splendor of the city. While you are traveling on a dhow cruise, you can capture a remarkable view of Dubai which is embellished with lights in a variety of hues.

Sit on the spacious, air-conditioned lower deck or feel the refreshing air on your face on the open air seating in the upper deck. See how the city looks under the moonlight. The dhow cruise journey enables you to see the two different perspectives of Dubai.

While the journey through Marina will reflect the breathtaking views of the iconic modern buildings, the trip through Creek will peep into the significant history of the city.

As you move through the water, see the stunning skyline of the city at its best. Have a look at the main attractions of the journey.

Dhow cruise Creek- Tracing the incredible history

Dhow cruise through Creek will take you to the past. It offers glances of the Al Fahidi Historical District also known as Al Bastakiya filled with memories of the bygone era in Emirates. Can you believe that the grand, glossy city had a humble beginning?

The nomadic Arabs called Bedouins were herders, date farmers and fishermen. Take some time to ponder over life in Dubai when there were no skyscrapers, meticulous architecture and luxurious living.

The small wooden boats called Abra boats which the Arabs had used for trade can be still seen ferrying people across the Creek. The Heritage Village in Creek gives a glimpse of the traditional culture and lifestyle of the Arabs. Additionally, dhow cruise through the Creek is an economical option when compared to Marina. So, don’t miss the chance to have a look at the old Dubai.

Dhow cruise Marina- Looking at splendid future

Dhow cruise through Marina will begin from the Jumeirah Beach Residences (JBR) which consists of some luxurious waterfront apartments. It is one of the most sought residential areas in the city. Then move through the beautiful Marina Canal, the artificial canal city in Dubai. It is built in the Venetian style with beautiful walkways on either sides.

Another surprise which awaits in this journey is the view of Ain Dubai (Dubai’s eye). The city takes pride in developing innovations which break world records.

Ain Dubai is the giant observation wheel which stands at the height of 210 m, the tallest in the world. It stands on the Bluewaters Island, next to Jumeirah Beach Residences beachfront and offers a 360-degree view of Dubai skyline.

Don’t forget to capture the fantastic structure for your next Instagram stories. You can also see the stunning Dubai Marina Mall that stands at a spectacular waterfront location. 

Have unlimited fun

The night in a dhow cruise will linger in your memories for a lifetime. The journey will be a combination of all your favorites. Good food, calming music and dance performances will make you feel as if you would need to extend the journey a little more. The experience can be a blend of fun, romance, relaxation and leisure. Listen to English, Arabic or Indian music.

Have you seen a live Tanoura performance? Tanoura is a folkloric dance in which the artist will spin around wearing a multicolored skirt. The skirt will make spectacular patterns as the dancer spins. Lose yourself in the performance and enjoy the night to the fullest.

Enjoy delicious dinner

It will be a novel experience to have your dinner while gliding in the waves. Have a tasty dinner with varied options. You will be welcomed to the cruise with a tea, coffee or soft drink. Also, taste the Arabic coffee called Kahwa and dates. Then, a delicious meal will be offered in a buffet style.

You will have a wide variety of choices in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Try the different styles like Continental, Asian or Arabian dishes. Enjoy the dinner while listening to beautiful music. And yes, you can have unlimited refreshment drinks.

Spend a night in dhow cruise whenever you want to relax and have a great evening. You don’t always need an occasion to celebrate. Plan a journey in the dhow cruise whenever you want to take a break. It is a rejuvenating experience for your mind and soul.

We offer the most comfortable and memorable dhow cruise journey through some of the wonderful spots in Dubai. We ensure you that the 2-hour journey through waterway will be the best in your life. Call us to book the splendid dhow cruise journey in Dubai.

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