Touring the Splendid Dubai


Whether you are in the city for business or pleasure, there are many things you are going to want to see. Go with your family or by yourself, and don’t miss out on this professionally guided tour. When you are in Dubai, you can’t miss out on a city tour. This fantastic sightseeing experience will show you landmarks, buildings, and places that you would not be able to see on your own. Learn about the culture and lifestyle of this rapidly growing city. Book a city tour in Dubai and enjoy a day of seeing the city with a tour guide to show you all of the best spots. Before the trip, eat a good breakfast and try some delicious Arabic coffee. Later, you will be picked up at your tour spot by a tour vehicle. During your guided city tour in Dubai, you will view the magnificent architectural buildings that can only be found in the emirate. For example, the Palace of the Sheikh, the Grand Mosque, and one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Burj Al Arab. Also, gaze up at the Burj Khalifa which is the world’s tallest building. You will pass by the carpet market where, later, you may want to visit and see all of the unique textiles. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the human-made island called the Palm Jumeirah. On the island, you will find luxurious homes and resorts. The island is shaped like a palm tree making it one of a kind. A professionally trained guide guides the tour. While on the city tour in Dubai, you will learn about the customs and traditions of the local people. You will be given opportunities to take photographs in certain areas and of particular buildings. The tour guide will talk to you and provide you with information about all of the fantastic things you will see. They will be happy to answer questions that you may have. The tour ends around 3 in the afternoon, which gives you plenty of time to find a local restaurant. After a day of sightseeing, you may want to finish the evening out with an excellent Arabic dining experience at one of the many restaurants in Dubai.

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