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Oli Oli Luckily Dubai is a popular attraction for children in particular so that you don’t have to look for various activities to keep your children’s days packed with fun. Dubai hosts some very unbelievable cool children’s entertainment destinations. Children wouldn’t want to leave Oli Oli in the spot where they would not. Children from two to eleven years old will be delighted to discover eight immersive areas that include more than 40 different activities, including mechanics, water play, and sensory exploration.

This blog examines how Oli Oli Dubai blends family life, education, leisure, and interactivity with the development of minds. From sports, ticket prices to schedules and venue, you can find everything. And this is not a thorough summary. If you would like to enjoy your journey to Oli Oli Dubai, first consider this article.


Oli Oli Dubai is an immersive children’s playground on Sheik Zayed Road. Oli Oli Dubai has been able to win the hearts of both parents and children in only a few short months with eight galleries with more than 40 exhibits and regular workshops. Whilst the galleries provide a lively, fun, and healthy environment, children can also learn about subjects such as science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. They also create a learning area. This immersive museum offered a practical experience that could not be enjoyed in many other locations, and this made the other edutainment centers in Dubai distinctive.

About Oli Oli Dubai

Dubai’s Oli Oli has launched the children’s play museum with a Red Planet mission directly targeted at young people. The museum also includes Oli Skyes and Isabel Oli in the children’s city Dubai. The new Mars-inspired events for small space lovers are going to take place at the Education Museum in Al Quoz until 27 Feb. So it might be worth trying if you’re searching for half-term events. The UAE’s Hope Sample Holds kiddos entertain eight interactive games. Kids can test their abilities on the Perseverance landing challenge by landing on a spacecraft, which is continuously moving, or testing the aerodynamics of tiny paper blades at a hovercraft table to assist NASA is sending a helicopter to Mars.

They can also use tools to crack a hard surface and find evidence of water and other elements on the red planet’s surface, as well as start exploring the various areas on the surface of the planet. A general admission ticket is available for the exhibition Mission Mars 2021 free, and Dhs126 for an adult and 1 child when booked online in advance. This is one to add to the holiday diary with the half-year coming up next week.

 Oli Oli Layout

Children between two and 11 will unlock the power and the creativity of positive play at Oli Oli in Dubai. There are eight galleries spread over two floors of the experiential play museum in Al Quoz. In dedicated areas, children can have fun while learning: air, water, Toshi’s net, creative laboratory, future park, fort buildings, Toddler Gallery, and cars & ramps. cars and ramps. Each gallery has been carefully built with art and modern equipment, inspired by ideas from leading global educators, psychiatrists for creation, artists, and manufacturers.

The galleries include more than 40 immersive experiences for children. Young scientists will practice dinosaur digging. Budding paleontologists will gather the instruments and equipment for the disarmament of glow-in-the-dark fossils and bones for the Dino Discovery operation. Oli Oli is intended to release the creativity of your child and promote healthy play.

Entrance Fee at Oli Oli Dubai

Oli Oli opening schedules are between 09:00 and 19:00 from Saturday to Wednesday. The property will be open on Thursday and Friday from 09:00 to 09:00. The general opening time of Oli Oli Dubai is 2-hours, while the entrance fee for the adults who are 16 years above has to pay AED 42. Moreover, the child entrance ticket who are between 2 to 16 years has to pay AED 126, while the toddler Ticket pay is AED 63.

Play Installations at Oli Oli Dubai

Everyone who never visits there wants to know that what is inside Oli Oli Children’s play museum? The answer to the question is below:

Sketch Aquarium

Kids will watch and enjoy the Sketch Aquarium by influencing their artistic imagination. A drawing of a sea creature from their favorite colors will be invited to each participant. The paper will be scanned after completion and the picture will be projected into a simulated giant aquarium. The children will come to life and swim with all the other marine animals to see their creations. Children may also reach the fish for swimming or enter the fish’s virtual food bag for feeding.

Sketch Town

It is a city that grows and develops with the images of children. After 2-D vehicles, houses, UFOs, and spacecraft are drawn, they will be scanned, converted into 3-D and a virtual 3-D cityscape entered. The job of each part of the city is to protect the city; e.g., burners and cranes. By touching on each part to change their conduct, children will engage with the ultimate cityscape.

The photos of Sketch Town can be transformed into unique 3-D paperwork that can be taken home by children. The development of three-dimensional structures helps children understand space. The conversion of the 2-D drawing into the 3-D object also links up with this mechanism, breaking down the digital and physical barriers. The problem-solving exercise requires skills and critical thinking, as children must decide where they are to cut, fold and glue.

Light Ball Orchestra

A light ball rolls are the one that changes its sound and color with time. The light balls form an orchestra in combination. As one is touched, surrounding balls will be influenced by the overhead light-balls and the color change of the entire room. Roll the light-ball before you and the color will change and sound will be released. In the same space, participants use their bodies to communicate with light balls of different sizes to change color and make music.

Some little people pass through the interactive panel screen in this installation where children sit or stand. Children are encouraged to communicate by putting items on the table with smaller people. The actions of small people change as a new object is added, by jumping, climbing, slipping on, and interacting with the objects.

Activities at Oli Oli Dubai

Imaginative Play and Inhibitions Off

The emphasis is on learning by doing in modern pedagogies. Your little one is encouraged to try something with his own hands at Oli Oli Dubai. It enables them to choose themselves, to create things, to find solutions, and to sharpen their minds. The whole point is to discover new ways to do stuff. Sitting down to research for half an hour might seem to be a boring activity if the imagination of a young child is present. The educator’s task is to make learning fun.

The exhibits were developed using various curricula. As a parent, any resources you expend here are directed at the cognitive growth of your child. Finally, it’s all about putting together families. Our community is simply an extension of the structure of our family. The importance of creating a community is crucial for our children. In OliOli, children spend time learning about good food, caring for others, the value of art, and much more.

Air Section

The desires, likes, and dislikes of each child are special. Oli Oli has a variety of attractions and every child here has something to offer. They can bounce in the net of Toshi, play hurricanes, or throw cannons on the water. A brief overview of the work your child can do in OliOli Dubai is given below. Many young children dream that one day they will be pilots. The air at Oli Oli offers a variety of unbelievable activities for these children. Aerodynamics, gravity, and friction will be introduced as they experience interesting swimming shapes. The children can also experience Air Curtain flows and marvel at 110 km/h hurricanes.

Creative Lab

Parents at home sometimes worry about the inquisitive nature of their kids. The creative laboratory at OliOli, therefore, provides a safe environment in which kids can create, destroy anything they want. They are using actual instruments to build new stuff. Survey-based learning is a way of demonstrating their imagination. You don’t have to worry now about locating a remote TV or other electronic objects.

Toshi’s Net and Water Play Section

Water play may be OliOli’s best-loved location. Ten carefully planned activities incorporate immersive water sports and together learning. Children can play with the water vortex ball, wash their cars, shoot the ball cans, or just dance in the rain. They’re all learning something subconsciously.

In this world, there is only one rule, everybody has to have fun. The room is full of colorful forms and has many peaks and troughs. Children can walk and learn new stuff. You must tackle barriers and scale walls to move forward. It is a place where curiosity is sprinkled and young minds enriched.

Cars and Toddlers

The Cars Gallery offers these children a place to design and race their cars. You can support each other during the race, but you can get super competitive while competing. They will learn about mass friction, movement rules, gravity, and acceleration with this exercise.

And at a young age, children are very sensitive. They’re open-minded and it’s all different. Through watching and doing you learn. This time provides a basis for their social, mental, physical, and cognitive development. OliOli’s colorful puzzles, sensory games, and bubbles help to speed up the child’s training.

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