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An Unforgettable Adventure

  1. January 15, 2016
  2. By Admin

A Dubai desert safari is a can't miss opportunity. What vacation in Dubai would be complete without the experience of a desert safari? Desert safaris are an affordable activity that can't be missed. Plan a day of wild adventure that can't be had anywhere else in the world like it can in Dubai. There are many desert safari activities to choose from. For example, if dune bashing is what you're after, book your safari in the morning. Drive through the sand dunes, twisting and shouting as you experience this long and exciting thrill ride. When the ride is over, meet the camels that live in the desert. If you choose to pay extra, you can climb aboard a quad bike and traverse through the sand. Next, try your hand at sand boarding before heading back to the city with your heart pounding from excitement. Another desert safari adventure to choose from an evening adventure and extend it to an overnight experience. In the evening you can experience dune bashing, sand boarding, and a camel ride. If you decide to extend your stay to overnight, then expect to sleep under the stars like a traditional Bedouin. During your adventure, you will be served light refreshments and drinks and a barbeque dinner. Listen to wonderful music and watch a belly dancing show. You'll also take in the view of the sunset. Don't forget to try the Arabic coffee or get a Henna tattoo. If you stay overnight, you'll lie down on comfortable blankets and sleep under the stars. In the morning you'll witness the sunrise and have breakfast. No matter what time of day you take your desert safari you can be sure that it is an adventure that you will be talking about for many years to come. You will be forever telling the story of the day you rode the sand dunes. Whichever tour you choose you can expect both pick up and drop off in four-wheel drive vehicle. You can also expect professional tour guides, drivers, and cooks. Light refreshments and drinks are served. The tour includes all of the safety features you need to have an enjoyable and relaxing desert safari in Dubai .